TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Leopard on the loose frightens Indian villagers

Villagers in India panicked as a leopard pounced on one man and chased others around in a village on Monday before being captured and released into the wild.

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>>> speaking of cubs, some frightening moments in western india monday when a leopard popped out from the unlikeliest of places. the big cat was hiding inside a rooftop when it shot up through those tiles, scared everybody around there. villagers panicking as the leopard pounced. it jumped from roof to roof, darting through streets, and then retreated into the bathroom of a hut. the forestry department eventually caught the leopard and released it into the wild . not where you'd imagine a leopard popping out of a rooftop like that. crazy.

>> i had a squirrel in the at alas -- attic last week. nothing like that.

>> what would do you to