TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Natalie reflects on Boston Marathon experience

TODAY’s Natalie Morales talks about her emotional day running in the Boston Marathon, and finishing “Boston Strong.”

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>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. and pass the advil. natalie is back from boston. way to go. [ applause ]

>> congratulations.

>> thank you, thank you. got the medal. oh, it was so great. it was fantastic. it was such an emotional event. and so many great stories out of the marathon, as we're going to see a lot more of today. really incredible moment. and the crowd got us through it. so inspiring.

>> how do you feel?

>> it hurts. don't make me go up the stairs fast.

>> funny you should say that.

>> i need the doughnut one, though.

>> whoa.

>> been a while since you needed that one.

>> somebody get a doughnut.

>> i need to eat a doughnut, too.

>> meanwhile, an american mens the win's side for the first time in over 30 years. meb keflezighi .

>> 38 years old. and such a great story. you know, he's incredible. and he had the names of the victims of the boston marathon bombings inscribed on his bib number. so really inspirational.

>> you're going to share much more of that story a little later on the show.