TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Which uses less water: Dishwasher or hand washing?

Sascha de Gersdorff from Women’s Health quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda about environmental trivia, such as how much water one person uses per day, whether it’s more eco-friendly to use an e-reader or buy hard copies of books, and why using a dishwasher is better than hand washing dishes.

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>>> tomorrow, people around the world will celebrate earth day . and here at nbc universal we're doing our part by going green all week.

>> so we're testing your green iq on all things ecofriendly with fun trivia that could even save you some money.

>> guess who's here? shantia degersdorf.

>> she's going to put us to the test.

>> we'll let her ask the questions.

>> the whole entire thing before we buzz in.

>> question one. on average what is the approximate daily home water use for each person in the u.s. 10 gallons, gallons, 100 gallons?

>> each day? 10 gallons.

>> that is incorrect. it is --

>> 50.

>> all right.

>> i didn't get that. i heard her say that.

>> 50 gallons for one person.

>> that's very high.

>> shower, washing your hands, just about everything contributes. number two, which of the following takes a the longest time to break down or to disintegrate? disposable diaper, hard plastic, aluminum can or plastic six pack holder.

>> the answer is c, aluminum can can.

>> kath?

>> hard plastic container.

>> the answer is d. if you can believe it, the plastic six pack holder, 450 years before it breaks down. yes. very dangerous.

>> which takes the longest? oh, i was thinking the shortest.

>> oh, no.

>> we'll have time to make it up. number three. which --

>> 0-0.

>> which uses less water? the dishwasher or washing dishes by hand?

>> which uses less?

>> you go.

>> i'm going to say washing them by hand.

>> i'm going to say the dishwasher.

>> that is correct. surprisingly.

>> i got a point.

>> if mine's wrong, and there are two -- you don't just win.

>> i won one.

>> here we go. number four. when it comes to books, what is more ecofriendly, using an ereader , buying hard copies or are they about the same?

>> you should have waited.

>> use an ereader . nothing has to die for that.

>> this is a --

>> it is about the same.

>> c is the correct answer. this is a tricky one. initially manufacturing an ereader takes almost as many emissions up as making about 20 books. so for the first year, it is about a wash. later on, the ereader might be better.

>> my head is going to explode. what's next?

>> in the average home, which of the following uses the most water? flushing the toilet, filling the tub, a ten-minute shower or one load of clothes in the washer.

>> sasha, the correct answer is c, taking a ten minute shower.

>> that is correct.

>> that is correct. it can be up to 50 gallons of water. for one shower.

>> i think we have time for double or nothing. double or nothing, kathie you might win.

>> what percentage of hybrid car owners replace their hybrids with another hybrid when it is time to get a new car? 35, 45, 79?

>> i'll go with 35. they're not as --

>> very true. it is surprising. it is very surprising.

>> not as happy as they want to be.

>> sasha, what did we win?

>> kathie won.