TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

How Natalie Dormer hides ‘Hunger Games’ haircut

The “Game of Thrones” actress, who also stars in the upcoming “Hunger Games” films, showed Kathie Lee and Hoda how she disguises her shaved head for her new role, and reveals how she likes to relax.

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>>> we're back on this fun day monday with more of "today" and the beautiful english actress making a big name for herself in hollywood.

>> we're talking about natalie dormer who is set to appear in the upcoming sequel of "the hunger games" but you can find her on the hit hbo series "game of thrones." take a look.

>> the company of men and would stop the heart. and another was happiest torturing animals. i must be cursed.

>> nonsense. your standing has improved markedly. you may not have enjoyed watching him die, but you enjoyed it more than you would have enjoyed being married, i can promise you that.

>> i would have been the queen.

>> it is not over yet.

>> no.

>> welcome.

>> hi.

>> you must be one of the becau busiest working ladies in the world now. was there a time before all the good fortune where you were a struggling actress?

>> tell us about that.

>> yeah, absolutely. totally. yeah.

>> you didn't come from a performing home.

>> no. i was the black sheep of the family, completely.

>> when did you know you wanted to be an actress?

>> when you find yourself talking to yourself in the mirror, you're either going to be a schizophrenic or an actor.

>> what did your parents say when you said this is the path i want to go down?

>> they were supportive, but maybe you want to have a degree or a backup, but, you know, a lot of actors or creators, musicians would say do you have a plan b ? it is not necessarily healthy to have a plan b .

>> exactly. you got to be single minded, don't you?

>> how did "the hunger games" come about. how did you get that gig?

>> i was -- i was busy shooting and busy working. i set myself down on tape. i was in england. i put myself down on audition tape. i made it home and sent it to francis lawrence , the director. he responded and i got offered the role. it was incredible.

>> they wanted you to shave --

>> my whole head.

>> your whole head.

>> mm-hmm.

>> did you hesitate or just, zoom --

>> it is "the hunger games".

>> exactly. i was, like, such incredible series, novels and films. i was, like, i'll pretty much do anything. i got away lightly in the end. i reconciled myself to shaving my entire head and then had a conference with the director and he said, i was thinking maybe we would just go half.

>> can we see the half?

>> this is recently?

>> october. it is great because -- i can hide it and obviously margaery wears a wig, so "game of thrones" didn't need to have a panic attack.

>> you do a lot of period pieces. is that something you enjoy or you choose?

>> i look for a good script, for a good story, a good character. in the american industry, i'm known for margaery and angolin.

>> how old were you when you got your first role?

>> i came to new york and did screen tests with joni reese myers, i was 23, 24.

>> you look 24 now.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> what is your tattoo? what does that say? or is that too private?

>> you can ask. that's from a litany against fear, from the novel doom, from the '60s. to remind me to take myself out of my comfort zone .

>> and be brave. like your hair.

>> speaking of that, we'll ask you to do a little -- we'll play a little target shooting . will you play with us? we have -- i have some arrows.

>> do we have a bow? we need the bow.

>> what is she supposed to do? just throw it?

>> i need jennifer lawrence when you need her.

>> all you have to do is hit one.

>> can i just throw it?

>> you can throw it.

>> go over there and slap it. whatever you would like to do.

>> any one you like. they're all going to be humiliating.

>> i'm going to miss. you do realize this.

>> all right.

>> she hit kath.

>> it was meant to be red.

>> hold on. here is your question. only have one. here you go. sneakers or gladiators?

>> sneakers or gladiators?

>> yes, shoes.

>> that's deep. i don't know.

>> i run the marathon last weekend, the london marathon --

>> you did?

>> i'm used to sneakers at the moment.

>> you did?

>> good for you.

>> these are the first heels i put on since the marathon. i kind of feel like a barbie, learning to walk in heels all over again.

>> the way you love to escape is to go scuba diving .

>> i love scuba diving .

>> i love everything about her.

>> we were talking about egypt, amazing diving.

>> you are so sweet. thank you for coming in.