TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Fan bakes up KLG/Hoda-inspired orange cake

Kathie Lee and Hoda surprise Pamela Hill from Mississippi as their Fan of the Week. Pamela has been a devoted fan since day one and spends her morning watching the show while sipping a mimosa.

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>>> we're back on this fun day monday and it is time to surprise our fan of the week.

>> drum roll . we are going to spin the globe as we do and the winner is her name is pamela hill who watches us on wmc tv channel 5. there she is.

>> we're so excited. i like her already. before we tell you what you've won, we'll tell everybody why you were chosen. pamela has been a loyal fan since we started. over the years she combined her love of our show with her love of baking.

>> every morning she pours herself a mimosa, changes in her kathie lee and hoda apron and bakes away. that's a happy woman. she says she feels like she has two of her best girlfriends in the kitchen with her. she made a kathie lee and hoda inspired cake that she took to a family potluck. that's so attractive. and apparently it was a huge hit.

>> pamela, we love your cake.

>> thank you, sweetheart. how are you today?

>> i am wonderful. i am so blessed to be here with you ladies.

>> so are we.

>> we're going to test your fandom reality with us with a trivia question.

>> okay.

>> all right. who was the host of the mad food challenge segment and she's also our nutritionist.

>> she's blonde.

>> and little.

>> is it jill?

>> no.

>> her name is rhymes with madelyn fernstrom.

>> do you know what? you win anyway.

>> she's got it.

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>> and relax with a luxurious spa treatment at spa tear and enjoy a breakfast and dinner. are you excited?

>> i'm overjoyed. i'm ready for my mimosa.