TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Kim, Kanye to wedding guests: Zip it!

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb go “gaga” over video of Prince George visiting with animals over the weekend. The ladies also chat about Kim Novak’s open letter to “bullies” who criticized her at the Oscars.

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>>> it is time for "today's buzz" and all the hollywood gossip you missed while you were celebrating over the weekend.

>> here with us is's rob shuter.

>> hello, darling.

>> we missed you. nice to have you back.

>> it's been a while.

>> this is interesting. lindsay lohan made a confession, if you will, on oprah 's show. tell us what happened.

>> last night was the final of lindsay 's reality show which they call a docu-series on the network, and right at the end of the show , like an after thought, lindsay drops this enormous bombshell saying that she had suffered a miscarriage during filming. there she is.

>> very long story. but that's why on the show when it says she doesn't want to come down, she doesn't want to come down, i couldn't move. i was sick.

>> they were asking her about missing several episodes, quite a few episodes they didn't tape so they put up a graphic on the screen. they asked her what was it like taping this program and she dropped this bombshell. dina lohan , her mother, on twitter, tweeted to oprah , please call me.

>> it is not confirmed.

>> not confirmed. people are very suspicious of this. people -- people are talking about it. i think it puts it in a place with lindsay where everybody wants this girl to just get well and be better.

>> were you surprised at the oprah series went such a short time.

>> the ratings were not good. what they did do, they had two episodes left, oprah wanted this over with. they did a two-hour finale to get it out of the way. but eight episodes, the numbers were not good. i think the backlash that oprah got was surprising. people are wondering why are you doing this? is this the sort of programming you want --

>> she was trying to help her. but we talked. you don't get help with cameras all around you, you just -- it's impossible.

>> and marriages don't get better.

>> and nothing gets healed.

>> let's talk "the voice." christina aguilera is pregnant and --

>> i think the success of the show is constantly reinventing itself without throwing out the baby here. it is such a great show. they don't change it. they tweak it, so young and hip and cool. there she is. and so that's the name that is being floated around as a possible replacement, a rotating cast, christina aguilera , and nbc has not confirmed this, but that's the name that everybody is saying. i think it is looking pretty much like a done deal. i think they'll have great chemistry. a new rocker chick to the panel. maybe it will be great.

>> i would love to hear her personality. i don't know her.

>> she's fun. she's a wild woman. she's really fun. so i think her and the boys, they'll be great. i love that show.

>> kim and kanye getting married. what is happening?

>> they were all preparing for it. what we're being told is for the wedding, guests will be asked not to take any photographs, not to talk about it and this is not that rare in --

>> confidentiality agreement.

>> and this isn't that rare in hollywood. a lot of times celebrities want to sell or control the way the pictures of their wedding are released to the public. that makes sense, i think. and so kim and kanye are no exception. if pictures do leak out, then their value goes down the toilet, not worth as much money. they want to make sure they control the pictures. this is not kim 's first big wedding, so i think they're being very conscious about that fact. i think it is a clever move.

>> what do you say long-term? do you think that's going to last?

>> i think the jury is out, but i'm optimistic, and i would love to believe that it will.

>> look at rob.

>> so cute.

>> we should point out, rob, we did reach out to kim and kanye 's people, but