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Whip up a quick meal with these one-pot recipes

Cook up a quick meal, such as pan-roasted chicken with potatoes, peas and asparagus, with these easy-to do recipes, as presented by chef Scott Conant, author of “The Scarpetta Cookbook.”

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>> a simple one-pot meal you can put together without a lot of cleanup.

>> scott , good to see you.

>> thanks very much for having me.

>> this -- with a little bit of prep, you can really whip this up pretty quickly.

>> this is a dish based on what my mother used to make. every time i brought it up to her, she never necessarily remembers my memory of these things. so i seasonalize it a little bit because it's a great time of year. we have the chicken inside this pot, we're searing. we have it marinated with a little bit of rosemary, a little bit of garlic, fresh thyme as well. a lot of black pepper on there. kosher salt . i season one side, put it down in the pan, and then i season the other side when it's in the pan. saves a little time . so this is a really simple thing to do. i've added some potatoes. you can put them right inside there. a little bit of those onions. then i'll cover that up and let it cook. a little slot on the edge. just a little slot to release that steam so it doesn't boil.

>> how long does that go?

>> that goes for about 15, 20 minutes . and then -- right on the stove top. just as it's finishing up, i'll add some of these beautiful spring vegetables and i'll cover that up again and let it go. really simple. fresh peas. onions, potatoes. really straight forward. if you wanted to get fancy, you could add some fresh tarragon. it's beautiful. we also have a little bit of this endive salad. we have a lemon and honey viniagrette with it.

>> you can use any greens you wanted?

>> you can use anything. i like this time of year some b bib lettuce. we'll crush this parmesan cheese as well.

>> is there any kind of vinagrette you like?

>> this is honey.

>> you have crushed red pepper flake as well.

>> we like to spice it up a little bit.

>> mind if we give this a little dance?

>> jump right in there.

>> here you go, al.

>> gives it good color, too, the greens here.

>> start with the potatoes.

>> but again, that's just a fun dish that my mother used to cook. and after the holidays, i always feel like passover is just finished, it's just after easter, you just want to take it easy a little bit and this is something easy to do.

>> and very, very easy marinade as well, right?

>> absolutely.

>> for the budding chef.

>> hello, chef.

>> hello. can i have a little slice of this?

>> yeah, go ahead.

>> thank you.

>> how far ahead can you make the dressing, scott ?

>> you can make it the day before, easily. this will keep for a couple days even. it's an airtight container. something easy to do. with all the things going on in life, i feel like you can still have a great meal and have it be simple.

>> same with the chicken, could you season the chicken, do everything a day ahead, put it in the fridge?

>> absolutely.

>> i always cut tamron's food for her, by the way.

>> and al usually feeds me, but he's being fancy with his one arm.

>> scott , thanks so much. good to see you. recipes, by the way, at we're back in a moment.

>>> it's us.

>> we're back.

>> it's you. them.

>> we have a fabulous actress with us today, natalie dormer .

>> "game of thrones."

>> and also "the hunger games."

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