TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

John Oliver to teens: No more asking out supermodels

The comedian and host of the new HBO show “Last Week Tonight” tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer he thinks beautiful, famous women should start rejecting teenage boys who ask them to school dances.

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>> about the kid that got suspended from school because he asked miss america out. is that something you would take on?

>> no, i don't care about that story at all. i don't care about that boy or what he's done.

>> you didn't like that boy at all.

>> the worst thing -- i think high school boys have to stop asking out supermodels on camera. and crucially, supermodels have to stop saying yes.

>> she said no, by the way.

>> good. you can't just say no, like oh my travel schedule conflicts. you need to say no, because you're a child, and even if you were older, you are physically repellant to me. you just need to burn one child to send a message. this has to stop. one kid has to go down emotionally for everyone else to be able to continue normally.