TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

John Oliver spoofs news in new HBO series

Comedian John Oliver, formerly of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” visits TODAY talks about his new HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” where he will recap the week’s news every Sunday.

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>>> of late night television . john oliver spent seven years as a correspondent on the daily show with jon stewart and filled in for jon during his absence last summer. now, oliver is taking the reins of his own show on hbo. it's called "last week tonight" and we're looking forward to it. john, nice to see you. good morning.

>> good morning to you.

>> so the idea here, you're going to take all the stories that have been aired in the previous week.

>> yeah.

>> you're going to talk about them on sunday night. so you're covering breaking news that isn't actually breaking anymore because it could be several days old.

>> yeah. it's breaking news on a weekly basis. it is up to the minute information once every seven days.

>> give me a sense for what we're talking about here. what kinds of stories will be right up your alley?

>> right up my alley. that sounds like a threat for a start. i think we might look more internationally. we might look slightly deeper because we have the burden of more time. i'm used to kind of the grind of doing things very quickly, working at "the daily show ." so i'm hoping it's going to be a good thing, not a terrible thing having more time.

>> you're going to be spending your weeks watching all the stories people are covering, saying is that what i want to dive deeper on. for example, we did the story about the kid that got suspended from school because he asked miss america out. is that something you would take on?

>> no, i don't care about that story at all. i don't care about that boy or what he's done.

>> you didn't like that boy at all.

>> the worst thing -- i think high school boys have to stop asking out supermodels on camera. and crucially, supermodels have to stop saying yes.

>> she said no, by the way.

>> good. you can't just say no, like oh my travel schedule conflicts. you need to say no, because you're a child, and even if you were older, you are physically repellant to me. you just need to burn one child to send a message. this has to stop. one kid has to go down emotionally for everyone else to be able to continue normally.

>> you're obviously the shy and bashful type. are you prime ministepared -- i mean, you filled in for jon stewart . did very well last summer.

>> thanks.

>> does it freak you out a little to be the guy in charge of the show?

>> yeah, of course it does. i'm excited and terrified. i'm the appropriate amount of terrified and excited.

>> you said when you saw your face and name on the billboard for the first time, it made you physically ill.

>> yeah, it's horrible.

>> there it is.

>> that is not a face that benefits from being inflated to billboard size. i imagine if you have a different, more well structured face, you would look and think oh, it's great. all the contours look great up there. for me, it's horrifying. i don't even like it this size.

>> one of your friends and colleagues, stephen colbert , is now going to be taking over for david letterman . he said he will drop the fake persona that he's created over these last several years to take on that show. so what are you willing to drop, perhaps the fake british accent ?

>> of course. as you know, i was born and raised in the bronx.

>> right.

>> i've been kind of embodying this character. going to talk like i normally talk. right?

>> yeah.

>> that's how you people talk. eh, i'm walkin' here.

>> some of us people .

>> it's what you sound like to me.

>> i hope you're going to be great. you're going to start this coming sunday night.

>> this coming sunday at 11:00 on hbo.

>> john oliver , good luck.

>> thank you very much.

>> come back and see us,