TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Traveling? Check out this hot list of hotels

Conde Nast Traveler presents its list of hot new hotels that won’t burn out your bank account, including two new beach hotels and family-friendly locations.

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>>> if you are searching for great places to travel this summer at a bargain price, look no further. " conde nast traveler " has some budget friendly options for under 200 opti$200. catching my breath from running inside. you've got different categories, but we're starting out with best family hotels on a budget.

>> yes. ohi. lots of hiking, biking.

>> and it's in california.

>> yes, exactly. ojai, california. it's great. there's a great swimming pool. all of the cottages have kitchens and sleeping areas and living areas and there are free bikes, which is so great, so you can tool around the area.

>> it's absolutely beautiful. that's the best family value. if you have kids who are a little older, there's a new hotel in rhode island .

>> yes, in providence. college town . appropriately named the dean. charming little property. your kids will think you're a total rock star . great coffee, kind of hipster vibe, and bunk beds, if you can believe it. which is crazy. that can actually fit two people. $79 a night. fantastic.

>> that's great. next up, the best new beaches to escape to that won't blow your whole budget.

>> yes, exactly. a couple of properties. first one is in punta cana , which is also delmar. fantastic all inclusive property. it's right on the beach. all the rooms have a view and beautiful cottages. great, fantastic location.

>> i've heard people talk about punta cana and the dominican republic so much now.

>> it's such an easy flight. it's as easy to get to as florida.

>> a little closer the home, you have another option.

>> yes, exactly. in provincetown, massachusetts. great beach community. you get the experience of staying in a b&b, but it's not about cats. you have a fantastic organic breakfast.

>> that looks so relaxing. the other places offer amazing dining. best new foods is one of the categories. we'll walk over here to take a look at some of these hotels that have really spruced up their food men use.

>> i think finally hoteliers are leaning into it. this is the first nobu property in las vegas . you get to have delivered to your rm for room service like the most fantastic nobuoom for room servic e like the most fantastic nobu prepared meal.

>> wow. the other restaurant is out of tampa, florida.

>> right, the epicurean hotel, which is all about food and teaching about cooking classes, and it's all about the food.

>> that's fun. family, beach, and food. you can't go wrong. pilar guzman, thank you so much.