TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

‘Voice’ coaches reveal how they work together

Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Blake Shelton are all music superstars as well as judges on the popular reality competition show “The Voice.” On TODAY they talk about their relationships on and off screen, including performing together. NBC’s Carson Daly reports.

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>>> meantime, it's a big day on nbc's hit singing competition "the voice." the show goes live tonight, but first, carson sat down with his friends, the four superstar judges to give you a look at what makes their relationship so special.

>> week after week, you watch them as they coach their artists.

>> give me more, give me more, give me more.

>> and feel their pain when they have to send them home.

>> i hate every freaking second of this because my heart's breaking.

>> but when they're not spinning around in those chairs, i get to see another side of "voice" coaches adam levine --

>> adam levine from los angeles , california.

>> usher raymond .

>> blake shelton .

>> you nailed it.

>> and shakira .

>> my hips don't lie.

>> who has a 1-year-old son milan.

>> let's show america our real faces. how about you, shakira ? we've seen milan. been great for me, because my kid's come to the set. i feel like i've got romper room coming on. is it hard to be away from him?

>> it's so hard. that's the only downside of doing "the voice," the times that i've had to leave him back home. but his dad is such a good dad. he's so devoted, so dedicated.

>> your son knows you as a singer. i'm now a full-time coach. i got my son auditioning at home. he's like dad, i want to audition for "the voice."

>> adam, shakira , usher, and blake don't just work together on the set of "the voice." on this night, the four superstar recording artist , who are able to sell out huge arenas almost anywhere in the world, play together at a small club in los angeles .

>> i like the intimacy. it feels good. there goes my baby

>> there's something more intimidating about playing to a small, intimate room. because it's right there and there's people right there, the p.a. is smaller. your mistakes are that much more under the microscope.

>> people, they feel like they know you from watching "the voice." give them one thing about yourself that they may not know about you from watching the show.

>> i think people know a lot about me, but maybe the fact that to me the number one priority in my life is my family, my parents, my baby. yeah, my life at home, i love making music and i hope that i can continue making music for a long time, but if i had to choose one day, it's very clear to me what i want and prefer in my life. but you went away how dare you

>> i would take this opportunity to say, to clear the air, you may pick up a magazine or a tabloid any day of the week that will say something about, you know, my relationship with miranda, it's in turmoil, divorce. and the truth is i've never felt a stronger bond with -- not only with her, but with any other human being in my life. i mean, miranda and i have -- she's my life. ever get over you

>> usher?

>> this year, it's been really one of my hardest years. i lost my grandmother. my son was diagnosed being a type one diabetic. it has definitely been a difficult one for me, man. sometimes y'all look at me and we're off camera and i'm looking online, looking at numbers and trying to make sure that he's eating -- it's crazy.

>> for shakira , for usher, for cee lo , soon to be pharell, anyone who's been a part of this show, we all respect and love each other as people first and foremost. putting that out into the world seems like a really nice thing for a television show . at the end of the day , i will always be able to do this with these guys.

>> for "today," carson daly , nbc news, los angeles .

>> i like that group.

>> you're heading out to do something with "the voice", right?

>> lester, erica, they're all out there, so we'll do another thing that we'll have on "weekend today."

>> are you going to sing?

>> i will not sing, i will not do anything.

>> their green room makes our green room look like a closet.

>> but how does their orange room look?

>> oh!

>> nice.

>> a lot of pressure sitting