TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

College president bans graduation selfies

The president of Bryant University in Rhode Island, who says he gets requests to take “selfies” with students all the time, is asking them not to do it while he hands out diplomas at graduation.

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>> we all are obsessed with selfies. present company, of course. they are popular with everyone, except for one person perhaps. the rhode island university , the school administration, bryant university is cracking down on selfies. they're asking students not to take selfies onstage while accepting their degrees. the school says allowing more than 800 grads to take selfies would slow down the ceremony, which already stretches to more than three hours as it is. the university's president says he's happy to take selfies after the pomp and circumstance is over.

>> it does draw out a long process.

>> i was going to say anything to speed up the graduation ceremony , let's go, let's go.

>> especially if you're toward the end of the alphabet.

>> i agree with this rule.

>> isn't it like "footloose" when it's like you can't dance, kids!

>> no. this isn't six degrees of kevin bacon .

>> everybody footloose! what are you doing?

>> there's no connection whatsoever. dancing in a barn.

>> thanks for having my back there. you knew that's what i thought.

>> let's do dirty dancing too