TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Airline apologizes after baggage-tossing video

Air Canada is apologizing after unsettling video taken by passengers shows employees throwing luggage from a parked plane to the runway.

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>>> i think that we have all been through. get on a plane, you're carrying on luggage. the overhead compartments are full so they say you're going to have to check that luggage. you give it to somebody at the door of the plane, they give you a ticket. so what happens with your luggage after that?

>> hopefully it's treated gently and with respect.

>> with tender love and care, right? some passengers on a plane recently got on. they were asked to check their luggage. so they looked out the window of their flight and here's what they saw. they saw their bags being dropped about ten, 12 feet off a platform, down to a little compartment below. some of those bags had computers in them and cameras in them. the things you would normally carry on the plane. so air canada , which was the airline involved in this, is now understandably apologizing for incident. they say the two workers involved will be fired.

>> meanwhile, do you get something as a passenger? i want like a coupon.

>> you're always looking for a little angle.

>> if that happened.

>> it's not enough they fired