TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

White House Easter egg roll set to begin

NBC’s Pete Alexander is live from The White House along with some furry friends as he previews the annual Easter egg roll.

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>> alexander on the lawn of the white house for a washington tradition. i wish i was there with you, peter. i love that easter egg roll .

>> reporter: this is a special day. we wish you were here as well. it is going to be an eggcellent day here. work with me. this is biggest event they have at the white house each year. 35,000 people show up, including eggathy and shelby. this is signed by barack obama and michelle obama . the first lady is the official host today for what they call the hop and healthy swing into shape themed event, that's in support of her let's move initiative today. again, 14,500 hard boiled eggs today, al, plus two more. we wish you were here. we wish natalie good luck in boston today as well.

>> all right, thank you so much.