TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Partner of missing jet passenger: Go back to square 1

Sara Bajc, whose partner, Philip Wood, was on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and Li Li, whose father was on the plane when it went missing, talk to TODAY’s Matt Lauer. The two criticize the ongoing investigation, saying that it should be taken away from the Malaysian government.

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>> a little earlier this morning, i talked to sarah bajc and and lee lee. i asked about the search at a critical juncture and what they were told about that.

>> i think they make statements like that just to tee up the ability to put passengers in their coffins as quickly as possible. he says it's critical, so when nothing's found, he can say oh, we did our best. but we just don't believe that they're using proper evaluative techniques to casey affleck the data. so, you know, we all want to go back to square one. it's day 45. we are basically at the same position we were on on the first day. we don't know anything for sure. so we want to go back and start over again. but with new people looking at the information.

>> and let me just read one of the lines from the e-mail you sent to the media. this was on the subject of compensation and this investigation. you say, until they have proof, they have an obligation to make regular pre-payments to the families in need, and they have an only giggs to exert themselves beyond dozing and snickering in resolving this case. that is a pretty strong indictment of what they are doing. you believe that?

>> unproductive.

>> yeah, very unproductive. it's just a show, right? so that they can say that they briefed the family members. but they really aren't, and they're breaking all of the rules. so, you know, one of the obligations of malaysian airlines is to brief all family members on all information before it's released to the public. yet they consistently don't do that. so, for instance, i understood what was happening in the malaysi malaysian meeting just because i have friends there. i was never notified of anything. and when i asked for a transcript, i don't get it. so, you know, again, we want to come back to taking this investigation away from the malaysian government . we believe it's been mishandled. and as a group of family members, we are gaining strength. so we want them to know that we are not going to go away. and until they agree to pursue this more independently in a way we can feel confident in, we're going to get noisier and noisier.

>> sarah bajc and lee lee. ladies, thank you very much for your time this morning, i appreciate it.