TODAY   |  April 20, 2014

'Mindy' star talks fatsuit, show predictions

Ed Weeks, who plays the smooth-talking British doctor on “The Mindy Project” stops by the plaza to talk accents, wearing a fatsuit and the fate of characters Mindy and Danny.

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>>> that is the smooth talking dr. jeremy reid, plays by british actor ed weeks on the hit show "the mindy project" which just got picked up for a third season. a fine way to celebrate. why not celebrate on the "today" show plaza? that's why ed is here this morning.

>> happy easter .

>> happy easter . nice to have you here. dr. jeremy reid, i understand, was originally written as sort of a bradley cooper -esque guy.

>> he was written american. my american accent leaves a lot to be desired. sounds borderline racist. i went native.

>> it's worked out all right.

>> it has worked out all right. no acting required.

>> perfect.

>> i'm a gynecologist. my mother is so proud.

>> my understanding is you have a pretty good american accent and new york accent courtesy of one of your cast mates, chris mesina.

>> i can do a pretty good impression of chris mesina. he has a gravelly voice.

>> that's good. i'm glad you made the character as a british doctor. your character started off as a little bit of a womanizer. then you turned into a semidecent guy. semidecent character. do you enjoy the role? do you like playing this role?

>> i loved it. the beginning of the second season they put me in a fat suit i think to make him a bit more vulnerable and likable. in fact, it was a onesie. chris mecina was helpful. that sounds wrong.

>> you've actually been kind of tagging along with danny, chris 's character, with the whole breakup. is there any hope of them getting back together?

>> i think it's like in normal relationships when people have been friends before. it's always going to be on and off. it's going to be a roller coaster. i think they're destined to be together. that's my personal opinion.

>> it's a tfunny show. congratulations