TODAY   |  April 20, 2014

Make your Easter ham juicy and delicious

Don’t let your ham become a sad, dry excuse for a meal. Julia Collin Davison, executive food editor for “America's Test Kitchen,” shares tips for keeping the ham moist and making homemade glaze.

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>>> you. my first instinct is the instructions say put it in the oven and heat it up. it's already cooked.

>> you think about a ham, it's already cooked. those instructions will leave you with leather. hams dry out in the oven. we have a better way.

>> you added a step. it involves water.

>> hot water . if you wouldn't mind helping me out we'll put the ham in hot tap water .

>> in the package?

>> leave it in the package. if there's tears or holes wrap it in saran wrap . we're heating the ham through without losing any moisture.

>> how long will it sit in there?

>> for an hour and a half.

>> you have to replace the hot water .

>> halfway through refresh it with more hot water . then we're going to get ready for the oven. of course, take it out of the packaging. take covering here. there's a plastic cap on the bone on the bottom. back it in an oven bag. buy these at the grocery store.

>> seal this up?

>> that's right. the other bag helps to retain the moisture as it bakes in the oven. these twist ties come with the bag. but, of course, you can use butcher's twine if you have it.

>> i'm thinking you're going to want to vent it, though.

>> yes. if you don't vent the bag it'll blow up in the oven. here.

>> we're going to seal it up. then it's ready to go in.

>> that's right. it goes into a low oven. 250 degrees for about ten minutes a pound.

>> we don't want to dry this out.

>> that's right. of course, you know, i haven't done anything with the glaze yet.

>> it comes with glaze .

>> the ingredients?

>> high fructose corn syrup , sugar, honey.

>> tastes about as good as it sounds. you want to make your own glaze . they're really easy to make. available, the recipes on the website. this is a cherry port. this is an orange maple. and this is an apple ginger. again, you just put a few ingredients into a sauce pan. cook it down until it's really thick. takes about five minutes.

>> they're all prepared roughly the same.

>> pick your favorite flavor.

>> i love cherry.

>> me, too. bring your glaze back here. here. we're going to glaze the ham. this ham has been in the oven for, again, about an hour and a half. it's nice and hot. what you're going to do is you're going to snip the bag open. now it's time to glaze . going to roll back the bag. you see those juices in the bottom.

>> all the product of the soaking.

>> that's right.

>> now we're going to glaze the ham. we're going to put it back into an oven. you're going to raise the oven temperature to 350. just so that the glaze can get nice and caramelized on the outside of the ham. just for the final ten minutes. notice how thick this glaze is. that's good. you really want it to stick to the ham.

>> again, the key is putting it back in the oven after we glaze it.

>> that's right. just for about ten minutes.

>> everything will stay on there.

>> that's right. here we have a nice finished ham.

>> this is the final product.

>> you want to cut the ham.

>> happy easter .

>> happy easter . good morning. when you a cut a ham, put it on i wants side. do this in the kitchen, not on the table. it will make a mess of your table cloth. note where the bone is. you want to cut alongside the bone. you cut up the meat. of course, you'll have a little glaze leftover.

>> it'll drip down the side.

>> yep. julia collin daveson, thanks for coming up. we're going to munch on that when