TODAY   |  April 20, 2014

Slow-moving landslide leaves Wyoming town on edge

A slow-moving landslide in the resort town of Jackson, Wyo. , has picked up speed and shows no end in sight, forcing many homes to remain evacuated. NBC News' Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> there's a looming threat over a wyoming resort town . a slow moving landslide is beginning to tear homes apart as a town watches and waits for an entire mountain side to come down.

>> reporter: videos from the air show cracks large enough to rip a vacant home in half. what started two weeks ago as a slow moving slide picked up speed. already the earth is buckling beneath the parking lot of a new drugstore as more rocks and gravel tumble down with officials warning the chunks could get bigger.

>> there's quite a bit of rock slide occurred.

>> reporter: across the country the u.s. geological survey says there are hundreds of thousands of landslides and mudslides each year.

>> and like many other natural hazards they actually do endanger people's lives occasionally.

>> reporter: on average, landslides kill 25 to 50 people a year and create more than $1 billion in damage. last month a massive fast moving mudslide leveled oso, washington, killing at least 39. in wyoming, experts say it's unlikely this slope will collapse quickly. still several homes remain evacuated with no end in sight. in a place where the hills are best known for skiing, not landslides. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles .