TODAY   |  April 19, 2014

Hello, spring!

President Barack Obama tweeted a photo Friday showing him enjoying the weather on one of the first warm days of the year. TODAY's Jenna Wolfe reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> no matter your politics, it's clear that, especially for the obama administration, social media has become a big focus. a lot of politicians, really.

>> vice president joe biden had instagram with an epic selfie. and the president ended the week with a tweet that may make you envious.

>> do i look okay, does this make me look fat? can i tweet this? the president somehow get it is right every single time. check out this picture that he tweeted. president obama just relaxing, enjoying the weather with a very simple yet perfect caption, hello, spring. apparently spring was listening. it's like in the 60s today in d.c. why should president obama be the only one to have a little fun in the sun? we want to see how you are enjoying spring so far. send us pictures of your family, dressed up for an early easter outing, lounging like president obama . we did something similar this morning. this was us. always flexing, as always.

>> nice.

>> we tweeted with the caption, the highs and lows of our weekend team?

>> did you include that because you came up with the caption and you wanted everyone to know you captioned --

>> i don't know what you're talking about. but in case you wonder i came up with the caption.

>> the picture was dylan's idea.

>> it was. but we're very spring-like today and feeling good and we're all back together. why not let the world know. right?

>> my caption that was rejected was the sblong short of it.

>> because my whole thing was we're tall and short.

>> 25 minutes to get a caption. 25 minutes.