TODAY   |  April 19, 2014

90M chocolate bunnies! Easter 'huge' for business

Brace yourselves, parents: Easter means millions of kids will hit sugar highs of Biblical proportions this weekend. NBC's Joelle Garguilo explains how it's a big holiday for small businesses, and surprises (most of) our anchors with something sweet.

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>> sweet tooth this morning. as joell garguilo explains --

>> reporter: a secret rite of spring that wouldn't be complete without easter egg hunts, easter bunny pictures, the good and dreaded, and candy . lots of candy . how much business takes place during the easter season ?

>> oh, it's one of our largest. it's huge.

>> reporter: how huge? according to the national confectionery association, this easter 90 million chocolate bunnies, 16 billion jelly beans and enough peeps to circle the globe 1 1/2 times will be produced, send iing profit soaring to $2.26 billion. moms and dads, brace yourself to sugar highs of biblical proportion as children's baskets are sure to be brimming with kadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies and other confections. what do children do when they walk into the store?

>> their eyes light up. i think they're looking for the easter bunny around the corner.

>> easter bunny ! easter eggs .

>> reporter: for parents, the feeling isn't mutual.

>> i hate the amount of candy that they do actually consume on easter.

>> we pay our annual trip to the dentist after easter.

>> reporter: to curb the cavity crusade go easy on the sticky treats. if you're watching that waistline.

>> do a lot of hopping so you don't gain weight nibbling the candy as you go. it's fine to indulge. it comes down to how much.

>> reporter: define how much.

>> sugar should be 5% of calories.

>> reporter: unrealistic? maybe. since the easter bunny has a sweet together perhaps he'll let it slide. going nuts for our seasonal candy is something we can relate to. come on, we were all kids once. biggest boom from the easter candy are mom and pop shops. my easter bunny has been getting the candy from the same mom and pop shop for over 30 years. i couldn't come back empty handed. peeps for dylan.

>> thank you.

>> lester, i know you like your jelly beans . we've got jelly beans . and, jenna, we know you love --

>> celebrate easter.

>> something very special for all of you. this is what the easter bunny brings me