TODAY   |  April 19, 2014

Hospital technician admits lying about test results

A Georgia woman admitted to a courtroom she told patients that their mammograms revealed they were cancer-free even though she didn't know if that was true. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> a shocking case out of georgia that's leading to outrage nationwide. a technician behind bars for an unthinkable crime. kerry sanders has the details.

>> reporter: she admits she lied, made up story that the judge said were the worst kind of lies, telling women their mammograms revealed they were cancer free when she didn't even have the skills to know. she was a hospital technician who used doctors' pin codes to access the hospital computer and create reports creating that same cancer-free story to 189,000 women. it turns out ten did have breast cancer , including sharon holmes, who testified.

>> the pain and the suffering i have endured didn't have to happen. i thought early detection meant saving lives, not giving you a life sentence of pain and sufferin suffering.

>> reporter: her defense attorney says she lied because she couldn't keep up with the workload at perry hospital in perry, georgia . despite two women dying, the judge said georgia law limited her in sentencing the defendant to no more than six months in jail, followed by 9 1/2 years probation and a $12,500 fine.

>> if i'm sentenced more than a sentence, you know, of having cancer, you should live a sentence also behind bars .

>> she's going to be paying a price but even without that, she's very remorseful.

>> if you're really, genuinely sorry, you tell the people, the person you've hurt.

>> reporter: more than 30 women who were lied to have filed civil cases against houston health care . a spokesperson wouldn't comment on those cases. in this plea deal, the hospital says we are pleased this component of miss rapraenger's unfortunate action is concluded.

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