TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Joey Fatone: ‘Thank goodness’ kids don’t go crazy for Bieber

Millions of fans screamed for Joey Fatone during his boy-band days with ’N Sync; now he’s host of a culinary competition show on Food Network called “Rewrapped.” Kathie Lee and Hoda blindfold him and see if he can guess the foods they feed him.

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>>> you fell in love with him in the '90s as a member of the multiplatinum selling band ' n sync .

>> now joey is a host of the food network 's culinary competition called "rewrapped" centered around iconic foods from twinkies to goldfish crackers to entenmann as doughnuts.

>> all hodi's favorites.

>> all my favorites.

>> nice to see you guys all together again at the mtv awards .

>> it was fun. it was interesting how we kind of got thrown together. justin called us, i would love to do this, since you guys have been a part of -- we kind of made our careers like that. all of us. i would love to be part of it and did it. if you blinked, you might have missed it, though.

>> we didn't blink.

>> even if you blinked, you saw it everywhere afterwards.

>> you have a daughter of your own?

>> 13-year-old and a --

>> when she see someone like justin bieber or one direction, do they go crazy?

>> thank goodness they don't. they were huge jonas brother fans. my older one went to the concert and knew them and got to go on stage and introduce them. briana was with her friends and jumping up and down and screaming at the concert. i'm like, don't do that. if you want to sing the songs, sing the songs, but don't be jumping around like crazy.

>> are they musicians, the two little ones?

>> they both like to sing. they both love to sing. they definitely -- try to say, hey, if you want to do it, i can help you, but mommy and daddy don't help. they don't know everything. they need a teacher. i try to help her out. she's, like, no, want to get somebody else to do it.

>> so -- tell us about your show.

>> "rewrapped," what is cool about it, it is a show where we take iconic foods and have three people who are chefs or bakers. and they basically take the snack food and re-create it, has to be exactly from taste, look, texture, everything. that's the first round. 30 minutes to do it. the second round is the innovate challenge and they take it and throw it into a dish or something that they create themselves.

>> so creating --

>> original dishes.

>> got to throw it all together, which is pretty interesting. we go from pepperidge farm goldfish to tasty cake cherry glazed pies.

>> we'll test you.

>> all right. this is like a bra, first of all.

>> that's how we like to do it here. so we're going to taste -- check this. we'll see how good you are. okay, good. we'll put something in your mouth, you're going to tell us what it is.

>> all right.

>> that's it. that's it.

>> twizzler.

>> okay.

>> want to spit it out?

>> no. bring it on.

>> here it comes. coming in.

>> oreo cookies .

>> uh-huh.

>> here, open.

>> moving down.

>> keep going.

>> what is that?

>> i don't know.

>> graham cracker .

>> what's that? come on.

>> coconut.

>> coconut.

>> okay. you're like a baby.

>> what was that?

>> i don't know. orange slices.

>> yeah. good.

>> coming in. texture's good. texture's good.

>> what the freak is that?

>> pass?

>> pudding.

>> pudding, yes.

>> chocolate pudding .

>> more coming in. you can tell he really can't see.

>> what is that?

>> entenmann's chocolate chip cookies .

>> it surely is.

>> only 17 more to go.

>> what was it?

>> oh, no.

>> what was -- wait a minute, what was the point?

>> what was -- what did you miss? what did you miss?

>> the only one --

>> he didn't miss anything.

>> the graham cracker .

>> we have everything prepared for you.

>> we got you a prize anyway.

>> oh.

>> thank you.

>> this monday night on the