TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

4 flirty, fun spring fashion trends for guys

Sam Saboura, host of the TLC show “Something Borrowed, Something New,” shows how you can update your man’s spring wardrobe by wearing navy on navy, floral prints and 1950s-inspired looks.

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>>> it is time for "today's style" and spring fashions for your guy.

>> somebody who has to dress --

>> whether hes like shorts and sandals, jackets and jeans kind of guy, we'll show you casual looks with ways to accessorize.

>> sam is here.

>> good to see you.

>> some trends.

>> some really easy trends. we got tons of floral and tropical prints. one of the biggest trends for men, believe it or not. i'll show you how to wear it without looking too feminine.

>> like a hawaiian shirt .

>> if your guy likes a hawaiian shirt , now he's in style.

>> let's start off with frank, shall we?

>> frank looks good.

>> one of the biggest colors of the season is blue, navy blue . designers are showing navy on navy on navy. starts with a dark pair of jeans from the gap. great jacket from h&m and shirt from zara . all about mixing texextures.

>> i like the patches on the elbows.

>> very cool.

>> i think guys would like that. it seems like all guys could wear that.

>> i'm about to screw it up a little bit. we have a great scarf here. it is about tribal prints. if you're advanced with your style and want to be a brad pitt look-alike, you can add an accessory like this.

>> takes a guy like frank to carry it off.

>> looks like you're on vacation.

>> next up, we have got the bjorn .

>> really great trend is the floral print. i gave you the floral look in a tropical print, easier for guys to understand. to take the look down a notch and make it look less feminine, i contrasted with this great utility jacket from the gap -- sorry, from target, 39 bucks. it has the nice texture. almost monochromatic, distressed denim from the gap makes it a little more masculine and that hat brings it home and maybes it feel springy.

>> very cute. thank you, bjorn .

>> now the baja beach. we have thomas . i like that look.

>> this is easy to understand.

>> thomas has been here before.

>> a few times. an old standby. this is dusty colors, like beachy, but a little more upscale. so striped shirts, open at the -- three quarter here, cargo short. i love the shoe s from zara , a little espadrille vibe to them. the backpack is the hottest bag of the season for guys.

>> where is that from?

>> zara as well. everything is under 40 buck here. the shirt is from j. crew . all layered up.

>> very confident models.

>> we do.

>> yes.

>> thomas , thank you.

>> they know they're hot. thank you, thomas .

>> where is emilio.

>> milio our rat pack guy here. we mixed it with this neutral linen suit. inspired by the '50s. '50s fashion. he's our rat pack look. if you want to kick up a notch --

>> kick it up.

>> this is from banana republic , $45. and it really takes a look to the next level. doesn't make it too costumy.

>> i couldn't get my son in any of these things.

>> the fedora.

>> the fedora completes the look. any guy who looks good in hats, and that shirt underneath is from target. that shirt is only, like, i think $19.99. good deal.

>> i think all the looks --

>> come on out.

>> one last look at all -- let's call them out again.

>> frank, bjorn , thomas and emilio.

>> and sam .

>> thank you, sam .

>> thank you.

>> catch the season finale of "something borrowed, something new" tonight on tlc.