TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Have a sweet Easter with these chocolate recipes

Jacques Torres helps make some impressive chocolate treats for Easter, including a chocolate egg and a strawberry pastry dart with a chocolate dome.

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>>> weekend to buy a pre-made bunny cake, we're going to show you how easy it is to make your own dessert.

>> jacque torres is here to help you create some fun treats that will impress your guests. good morning, jacque .

>> good morning. happy to be here.

>> you are so famous for making delicious chocolate , but you think we can actually do these at home?

>> yes. those are more that you can buy at a cake store. take a little cellophane wrap like that, inside the mold.

>> is that white chocolate ?

>> yes. so when that's done, that's what you're going to get.

>> where do you get these? at a store anywhere?

>> yes, a store that will sell equipment for kitchen. those are very inexpensive. so what i do, i temper some dark chocolate . dark chocolate is here. i'm going to take some of the chocolate and put it inside the mold.

>> that smells so good.

>> and then what we do, we put the chocolates everywhere in the mold like that. then we reverse it. so basically the chocolate is going to coat the mold.

>> it created that marbling effect on the outside. so pretty.

>> exactly. we do that two times. we layer the chocolate to get the thickness. then we scrape around, we put it in the refrigerator and that's what you get here. so i'm going to -- if you don't mind to grab the --

>> it just comes out like that.

>> what is going on, the chocolate we can retract from the mold. we don't have to put any grease or anything.

>> it's hot over here.

>> the question is how we seal this.

>> now, i have more space over there. take those two eggs here. do that and voila. the chocolate going to stick together. if you want to put it on a base, we do the same thing here. when it's melted, you just glue it on a little piece of chocolate .

>> so the hot tray is just to make them stick together.

>> it will melt the chocolate and you can do that.

>> the eggs can be finished now, or what we can do is grab a little bit more of the dark chocolate . you can paint the egg with a simple brush. this way. and then when it's wet, you can actually glue things on it. that's what you see --

>> i love those with the nuts on it.

>> so you keep gluing stuff all around. you can put some nuts. you can put some candy. you can put some coconut.

>> it's probably fun for the kids to do that as well.

>> you can make faces with it. it's quite a fun way of decorating an egg.

>> i love this.

>> just drizzle a little bit of dark chocolate on top. i'm going to show you a very cool technique. we put a little bit of dark chocolate on a ball. by putting a little bit of water, we're going to make that chocolate a little bit thicker. water and chocolate doesn't mix, but you can use that to your advantage by putting just a little bit of water and make the chocolate -- i need a little bit more. i'm sorry. okay.

>> and this is to create that basket effect.

>> so what we do, we take that and you can put that in a piping bag . so this is the perfect consistency. so we put that into a piping bag or a paper bag like that. then we can -- put a little hole in the bottom of that.

>> drizzle it in here?

>> just in the interest of time.

>> just drizzle this way and that will come out.

>> oh, it slides right out.

>> it's beautiful.

>> we the put that like that. and another way to do it, put it this way and that's a beautiful nest. and fill it with good deese.

>> like you have here, which is gorgeous. i love this. jacque torres, you are a genius with chocolate .