TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Baby sloth and a very big rabbit visit TODAY

Jeff Musial, also known as “the Animal Guy,” stops by TODAY with a few friends, including a baby sloth and a Flemish giant rabbit.

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>> lot. we get to meet a lot of cool guests around here, but it's not every day a baby two-towed sloth and a kinkajoo drop by.

>> jeff musial is the animal guy with unique creatures from around the world.

>> good morning, guys, how are you?

>> we are fantastic. you offered a chance to have a selfie with -- oh! splattered a grape in his face.

>> the sloth is eating a grape.

>> want to do a sloth selfie? we'll make it a thing.

>> oh, he's a showman.

>> did you train him to do that? that's impressive.

>> played to camera.

>> they do everything in their life upside down. they eat, breathe, sleep, everything upside down. babies do everything right side up. so he's been riding on mom for seven months. so now he's got to get used to doing the whole upside down. he'll do it for a little bit and he's like, it's weird.

>> how old is he?

>> 7 months. he decided he wanted to start dating mom. that's when he had to be --

>> do sloths get a bad rap? are they really as lazy and slow as their reputation?

>> they are. they're one of the slowest moving animals. you can pet him. moths and fungi actually grows on their fur.

>> that's nice.

>> they go to bathroom every two weeks.

>> two weeks?

>> every two weeks.

>> that's fabulous. you don't have to housebreak it.

>> does everything slow. so it doesn't want to come down to the bathroom. they climb down the tree real slow.

>> so really, he's too lazy to go to the bathroom.

>> exactly.

>> cool. let's see what else you got. is this the kinkajoo ?

>> yes. it's a fun word to say. look how they hand them off. he was hanging out, literally. yeah, there you go.

>> hey, man.

>> her name's mya.

>> her name is mya? that's my niece's name.

>> she's like fleece. it's unbelievably soft.

>> beautiful coat.

>> so when they're in the rain forest , they shake off, they're completely dry. she puts her head back, she doesn't want to lose one little ounce of juice. these guys help the rain forest because they eat a ton of fruit. the seeds come out door number two.

>> there's a lot of references to the bathroom.

>> sorry. kinkajoo makes a kinkapoo and rain forest grows.

>> all natural.

>> i love that.

>> that is a cute little girl .

>> they can hold on with that tail and climb out of the trees and go from one place to the other. incredible animals.

>> beautiful. now it's easter time.

>> i had to bring my friend. they wanted a big bunny, so i gave you a big bunny. that's the biggest bunny i've ever seen.

>> that's what everyone says. her name is lola . her name is lola

>> hi, lola . she really doesn't like women.

>> okay.

>> i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding. you just don't want to go near her face. you can feel the back. she's totally soft. and she's almost 20 pounds. the largest breed of rabbit in the world.

>> what does she eat?

>> dodge neons. stop signs.

>> comedy routine here.

>> glass bottles.

>> so all the flemish rabbits are this size?

>> for a doe, which you call a female. a 20-pound doe is huge. bucks usually get 20 pounds. there's some of them, 25-plus pounds.

>> how many offspring in one --

>> they can have anywhere -- depending on their age, two to four to six. some of them could have 12 babies. and they grow quick. hay, carrots.

>> she doesn't look that excited to be here. bye, lola .

>> one of my favorites.

>> now we've got some birds?

>> oh, he's got the gloves.

>> an unbelievable animal for you here.

>> oh, he's screaming. someone doesn't want to come out.

>> her name's diva. she's high maintenance. six-foot wingspan. see that wingspan?

>> yes, i do.

>> they are one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

>> look at the eyes.

>> fluorescent orange. they're found everywhere in the world except the united states . and there's old african myths that these could actually steal small children and fly off with them. and i did a stage show and a lady came up to me, she was from south africa . she goes, it's not a myth. small children have been taken by these animals. a 15-pound owl that will grab a small child. in australia, they've been known to eat small kangaroos.

>> oh, stop it.

>> are you trying to make us feel good today? it's amazing.

>> look at the size of these wings. six-foot wingspan. you hear nothing because they're the bird of silent flight. they have fringes on their wings so you don't even hear it cut through the air.