TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

TODAY enlists little helpers for Easter egg hunt

Move over, Peter Cottontail: Check out this fun-filled Easter egg hunt on the TODAY show plaza!

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>> everybody excited for easter?

>> hey, guys!

>> what better way to kick off the easter weekend than with our very own easter egg hunt right here on the plaza. we've got some young helpers here who are ready to go.

>> they are raring to go. you ready?

>> one, two, three!

>> go, go, go!

>> here's one!

>> i was sitting on one. here you go.

>> go, go, go!

>> awesome.

>> natalie, you're not supposed to be stealing eggs from children.

>> come over here! there's more.

>> willie, you're supposed to be helping, not competing.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> here's an egg. some in the mulch.

>> dude, dude.

>> you need more! you got it! come over here.

>> look, look, look.

>> here you go, buddy.

>> it's a gold mine back here.

>> that's a big one.

>> oh, here! oh, here!

>> there you go.

>> here's another! here!

>> this is exhausting.

>> you can't hold anymore! here. here's one here.

>> look here, sweetie. here's another one.

>> that's a big one.

>> you're going to need a new basket soon.

>> there you go.

>> need another basket?

>> yes!

>> here you go, dude. that's all you, man.

>> clearing them out.

>> we didn't hide these well enough. some of the baskets are flowing over.

>> is that it? come on back over!

>> come on back. whoo!

>> all right, guys, we want to thank our friends at pier 1 imports for all the decorations and furniture, which will be donated to local charities here in new york. happy easter , everybody. here's your local news.