TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Top spring fashion trends under $100

Chioma Nnadi of Vogue presents the magazine’s “100 Under $100 guide,” filled with the latest fashion trends for spring, without the hefty price tags.

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>>> the hottest fashion trends for spring at prices that you can afford. the folks at "vogue" magazine are out with their annual 100th under $100 guide on we have the website's fashion designer. under $100, all the pieces you're going to show us.

>> exactly. we've taken the aspirational fashion from the pages of "vogue" and made it accessible for every budget.

>> let's get right to it. first, flower power . big trend we're seeing this season. so the flowers are sticking around. everything is in bloom. this gorgeous outfit on sherry. tell me about it.

>> forget everything you know about dainty floral prints. this season it's about going bold and tropical. sherry is wearing this great look from zarra. you can take these pieces apart. that jacket would work just as well with an amazing skinny jean for the weekend or you could wear that dress to the office with a great cardigan.

>> it looks great like this, but a lot of people might think too much floral, too overpowering so you could break it down.

>> exactly.

>> next up, let's take a look at flats. are flats the new thing? are they replacing the pumps?

>> they are. and it's really great news. we saw them all over the runway. the good news is you can wear them with pretty much every outfit. we saw them with evening gowns. so for anybody who's really attached to their pump, i would suggest a great dainty flat like this, it's very audrey hepburn . it's super chic. it dresses up every single look.

>> i like the pointy toe look. is that one of the trends you're seeing a lot in flats?

>> exactly. it makes it super feminine. i think going into the siummer, we're looking for a great summer sandal. this season what you want to think about, instead of a nude sandal, a great metallic. the great thing about metallics is they go with everything and flatter every skin tone.

>> i like all the prints that we're seeing as well. congratulations print s graphic prints, that's our next trend. we're seeing a lot of black and white , but you say pair it with some red, too.

>> i think to bring these graphic prints alive, you want to add a great pop of color. britney is wearing a blouse from mango. her jeans are from guess and her shoes are from aldo. you might not be into red, but you can always pair a graphic print with your favorite color.

>> i love these pants with the flowers on back. those are great. you mix and match with that look as well.

>> exactly.

>> now moving over to our next trend right here, and we're talking about bold jewelry.

>> bold jewelry is one of my favorite trends, just because you take all of the summer dresses that you had last season and give them the complete revamp. so i would say don't be afraid to go big. don't be afraid to go bold. i love a cocktail ring .

>> these are great.

>> this one by sequin is one of my favorites. you can wear a handful of these and it looks just great when you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

>> so you can chunk it up.

>> exactly.

>> last, the new feminine take on suiting. what are you seeing when it comes to suits?

>> i think we have this idea of a suit being boring. but when you break it apart and add feminine touches, it can look really modern and fresh. i love the necklace that andy is wearing. it's from kenneth j. lane and she's wearing it with this vest and dress from mango and the shoes are from aldo. these are the pieces that are going to become your basics for the season, so you take this vest and wear it with a great pair of leather pants and it becomes a completely different look. you can also pair with it the great trends we're seeing today.

>> it looks like a very expensive outfit, but it's all under 100 bucks. you did