TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

‘Transcendence’ stars discuss their sci-fi thriller

Actors Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall talk about their new sci-fi movie, “Transcendence” in which Johnny Depp plays a man whose brain is uploaded into a computer. Hall, who play’s Depp’s wife, says that some of the scenes involving her interacting with her husband’s digital consciousness felt like “a big Skype call.”

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>> that's right, willard. thanks.

>>> in "transcendence", paul bettany and rebecca hall play a couple characters who have the power to save him, but the question is should they?

>> instead of creating an artificial intelligence , you duplicated an existing one.

>> tell me you're joking.

>> you recorded the monkey's brain activity and up loaded its consciousness like a song or movie. will's body is dying but his mind is a pattern of electrical signals that we can up load into him.

>> he's not a monkey.

>> good morning, guys. good to have you both here. you're both fantastic in this movie, by the way.

>> thank you.

>> let's talk about transcendence. up loading his brain into a computer.

>> my husband in the film. i suppose it's up loading his consciousness into the computer so that his being will live on after his actual physical death.

>> you play evelyn, his wife, and you think this is a good idea for most of the movie. why do you support this?

>> because it's her husband and she doesn't want to let go of him. i suppose that any of us are faced with a position of looking at a loved one passing and you have the medicine to make it better, it's very difficult not to make the choice to make it better.

>> you've got johnny there for a little bit early in the film, but then you're acting against his image on a screen. tell me how you pulled that off?

>> it was more unconventional than you think, because i was live-acting with him. they had him in the room next door and they were streaming his image on to the set. so it was like a giant skype ca call, basically.

>> paul, you play max, the best friend here. at what buoyapoint when morgan freeman says get out of here, there's a turning point that this is not such a great idea.

>> well, i think it's -- you know, i think for max, it's the moment that johnny 's character suddenly wants to get in line and start networking and start growing. and max begins to realize that he might have unleashed a monster on the world.

>> there's a story i keep hearing about onset that you guys were in a car with elon musk from tesla. what happened?

>> he was in one of the scenes, in one of the sort of tech conference scenes, and he really wanted to show us his tesla.

>> his tesla. we wanted to see it.

>> and johnny got in the front and the director and rebecca got in the back and there was no room for me. so johnny said come in on, you know, my lap.

>> which is really practical because he's 6'5".

>> exactly. so then we take off in this tesla, and we ran a stop sign. and then there were these blue flashing lights suddenly behind us.

>> you get pulled over by the cops.

>> and johnny went, where is "tmz" when i finally do something good?

>> they let you go?

>> he just gave them a weren'tinweren't i -- warning.

>> one of the producers pretended that they were the doubles.

>> that you weren't the actual famous people?

>> to be fair, the guy never noticed.

>> he was looking at him like --

>> you look like johnny depp .

>> really good double.

>> that's a great story. thanks so much. congratulations on the film. it's called "transcendence." it's in theaters nationwide.