TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Stain-resistant white jeans? They’re real!

Joe’s Jeans has just released a new line of stain-resistant white jeans and denim skirts, just in the nick of time for spring.

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>>> now to a trend worth trying. people often ask me, what's your number one fashion thing? for me, it is white jeans. i can live without anything except for a pair of white jeans. but, some people avoid them because they stain so easily. that is apparently until now. we have a brand-new pair of jeans that promises to resist liquids like red wine and even coffee, and we're about to put them to the test. natalie and savannah are going to help me out.

>> i'm wearing the jeans.

>> how do you like them?

>> they're actually incredibly comfortable and stretchy. they fit amazingly.

>> they're not cheap.

>> but the question is are they really stain resistant?

>> they range from 145 to 189. they will resist water, coffee, soda, wine, but not lip gloss, makeup, nail polish .

>> this is the original jean.

>> this is a regular pair of white jeans. this is what happens when somebody runs into you in the hallway at work and you're all mad at them.

>> do you want to stand in the tub?

>> shoes off.

>> natalie, what are you doing?

>> okay, go ahead. let's see what happens.

>> don't waste the wine.

>> they kind of pill off.

>> am i not supposed to rub it in?

>> apparently if you wash it off, it will come.

>> coffee on this leg.

>> oh, i can't. i can't ruin the jeans.

>> you see it kind of pills off the jeans.

>> so is it working? dab it.

>> it seems to be working.

>> look, it's gone.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> there you go.

>> isn't that incredible?

>> that was it.

>> product placement here.

>> i love that.

>> now savannah's gone crazy. just throwing stuff everywhere.

>> did you say apparently it's treated to last 20 washes or so?

>> it's treated to last 20 washes. i think for 145, they're expensive, but if it keeps your white jeans and you love white jeans, pretty