TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Meet Earth’s cousin planet, Kepler 186f

NASA announced Thursday that they have found a planet with similarities to Earth that has been named Kepler 186f. The planet is made of similar materials and is located in a zone conducive to liquid water and, potentially, life.

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>>> have some distant cousins . really, really, really distant cousins . so where are they potentially? just about 500 light-years away. because for the first time in history, scientists say they found a planet strikingly similar to ours. they're calling it our cousin planet. now, its name could use some work. it's kepler 186-f.

>> sounds so much better.

>> needs a rebrnding. it's known in what they call the goldilocks zone , because this is an area that is not too cold, not too hot, therefore it can support water. you know what that means. "the twilight zone " music. or was that "x-files"?

>> that's "x-files."

>> how dare you.

>> good-looking planet.

>> i think the blue adds a lot to our planet.