TODAY   |  April 18, 2014

Suspect in Kansas City highway shootings in custody

Police say the manhunt for a suspect involved in a dozen of shootings along Kansas City highways that injured three people is over after a suspect was arrested at his home. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> meantime, closer to home now, a suspect in custody this morning who is connected allegedly to a string of highway shootings that put drivers in kansas city on edge. at least three people were injured in the series of apparently random incidents. let's get to nbc's john yang . he's in kansas city with the latest. john, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. morning commuters in kansas city hoping they won't have to be looking over their shoulders anymore wondering if they're going to get shot at. we're told the suspect's been here overnight at police headquarters and we're also being told he's been under surveillance for more than a week. the manhunt appears to be over. nbc affiliate khsb obtaining this video of the man believed to be the suspect in the highway shootings. police arrested him at his home in greenview, missouri, thursday. he hasn't been charged, but kansas city police chief darrell forte gave this assurance.

>> we want to make sure the residents and those that travel through kansas city know that they're safe.

>> reporter: investigators swarm the home and towed away a green dodge, using some of the same highways that had been targeted in at least a dozen shootings. most of the attacks were south and east of kansas city , with the biggest cluster in a sprawling highway exchange known here as the grandview triangle . three people were wounded and no one was killed, but in one close call , a bullet stopped just short of hitting a 3-year-old girl. tom mcfarland's car was hit twice.

>> i would almost prefer it to be some act of crazy randomness.

>> reporter: random or not, the motive in this case is still a mystery. for now, the sense of relief drivers are feeling is enough. the suspect's neighbors say he was a ghost-like figure, coming and going at odd hours. they don't even know his name. we hope to learn more about him from police later this morning. savannah?

>> all right, john yang with the latest out of kansas city this morning.