TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

‘A different person!’ Makeovers transform two women

Hairstylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over a 53-year-old nurse who hasn’t colored her hair in 15 years, as well as a mom of four who always wanted a new look.

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>>> little friend visiting me today, colin mchale and riley and sullivan. we'll give a shot of them at some point.

>> in the meantime --

>> there they are.

>> in the dark with their mom terrence. they own cinnamon lee, the dog that --

>> that little baby that grew up.

>> we're back on thirsty thursday with another incredible edition of our "ambush makeovers."

>> two lucky ladies were swept off the chilly plaza and into the hot seat in our makeup room for a brand-new head to toe look. looking their magic, as always, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari.

>> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin.

>> hi, kiddos.

>> gorgeous woman, right?

>> please, stop it. stop it.

>> so hat oz on as on and gloves.

>> i'm sure spring is moments away.

>> it has got to be.

>> one of the lucky ladies is linda chance, 53 from capel, texas. she worked as a nurse for 22 years. she said she's actually wearing scrubs, she actually is wearing them. she also says her daily beauty routine takes less than five minutes. she's married with two adult sons and she's ready for a glam new look. let's listen to her story.

>> i saved linda from the freezing cold. you tell me you're really excited.

>> i'm super excited. super excited. yea.

>> break it down. you haven't colored your hair in 15 years.

>> i once colored it a long time ago, didn't turn out well, so i just have been growing it out for the last three years, just to see where it ends up. here i end up on your show and you'll do me over.

>> what is your husband's name?

>> peter.

>> peter, she's going to look different.

>> i really, really, really need a makeover. thank you. awesome!

>> oh, my god. i'm excited too. her friend samantha is here with her blindfold on. keep it on for a second. here is linda chance before. let's see the new you.

>> wow.

>> oh, wow.

>> right here. where are you going, doll?

>> right here.

>> perfect.

>> you're good. you're good. samantha, take off your blindfold.

>> she's over here.

>> oh, my goodness!

>> here you go. right here.

>> you look fabulous.

>> oh, wow.

>> do you see yourself?

>> no, not yet.

>> you're right over here.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> wow.

>> this is a different person.

>> it is.

>> tell us about the hair.

>> i saw you looking in the monitor. but what we did here, we had ray do the haircut. classic bob. she had long hair, it was doing nothing for her. so all of a sudden she has instant style. then, of course, she was starting to go a little bit gray.

>> it happens.

>> it happens.

>> you would be out of business if we didn't go gray.

>> what i did is i used a single process color , less than 30 minutes . we don't have much time. look at the --

>> you could not have picked a better woman. she's the most giving mother and wife and so i'm so excited. thank you for loving on her.

>> i love this because she's not dressy, she told me. we wanted to go more casual and give her pieces she'll actually wear. great from adriana papel. the jeans are nydj and great necklace.

>> beautiful. just beautiful.

>> walk over there.

>> second lady is alesha , 45 from plano, texas. she's the stay at home mom to her four kids. mornings often involve getting ready very quickly. back in the day, alesha said she rocked cher hair but hasn't changed her hair or makeup in at least 12 years.

>> cher hair.

>> cher hair. let's see her story.

>> okay, so mother's day is coming up. you say mom really deserves this.

>> well, she does a lot for all four of kids and it is nice have her around as a stay at home mom , always there for us.

>> how nice is that to hear. that's really special. i think day to day we just kind of go around doing all the mom things and so it is nice to know you're appreciated and i think it will be a real treat.

>> are you ready to be pampered for three hours?

>> i am. i am. i'm very excited.

>> all righty. alesha is here with her twin daughters , kate and erin. 13th birthdays on april 6th . congratulations. here is a picture of their mom before. alesha . now let's bring out the brand-new alesha .

>> wow.

>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. okay. kate and erin, take them off, look at your mom.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> yes. you want to turn around. you look beautiful.

>> oh, my word.

>> i love the hair.

>> so cute.

>> what do you think?

>> beautiful.

>> wow.

>> spin right around and look right there.

>> teenage daughters tell you the truth too, i found. all right. louis, i love her hair.

>> thank you so much. the biggest tip is haircut for her face shape. this gives you a perfect oval. you look great. then her hair, she did keep it brown years ago, started to go blonde with the graying process started. but i thought this was so much better. made her come alive. then, of course, gave it settle makeup, always keep it light.

>> beautiful.

>> and this dress, jill --

>> i know. you like the dress. you wear the same one.

>> adriana papel again.

>> that is adorable.

>> i love on both of you. incorporates two trends, lace and a statement necklace.

>> hers is two sizes smaller than mine. thanks a lot.