TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Tyne Daly: ‘You get to learn your job’ on Broadway

Emmy-winning actress Tyne Dale talks about her new Broadway play “Mothers and Sons” and her love of theater, and explains why she hasn’t taken a year off from acting since 1968 .

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>>> if you recognize this song, i'm sure you do, it is the theme song from the 1980s series hit "cagney and lacy," where tyne daly earned four emmy awards .

>> she has moved on. and she has an unbelievable career. two more emmys and a tony and she hasn't taken a year off from acting since 1968 . right now -- she didn't know that.

>> we researched it.

>> she's starring in a wonderful new play on broadway called "mothers and sons ." we're delighted you came to see us. you have a show tonight, don't you?

>> i do tonight. and three yesterday.

>> you look good.

>> this is with terrence mcnally .

>> terrence mcnally , a wonderful playwrig playwright. this is between his 16th and 20th show on broadway, depending on your source. we did master class together a few years ago and fell in love and he made this play for me. it is wonderful.

>> your character evolved so much throughout the '90s on stage. tell us about how you start and how you wind up.

>> she starts with closed fists and at the end of the play there is a little light at the end of the tunnel . it is tragic and heart breaking, like me.

>> is she having difficulty accepting certain things as reality in her life? is that what's going on with her? about her son is it.

>> i'm looking at myself. i got lost.

>> nobody listens to me anyway.

>> looking at your wig. a good wig.

>> you enjoy the stage, the live reaction, the audience right there.

>> i do. love being in the room with the people i'm telling story too. film is frozen. live is i'm there. they can't save it or zip through the dull bits. they have to take the trip with me. i take it with them. so that's really fun for an actor.

>> more and more in the world of reality, so-called reality television , you cannot fake theater. it is so real. and so intimate.

>> it is there. and they're there. and also the best part is you get to learn your job. in television, and film, every day you're making up a little piece of it. a couple of five minutes, four minutes, two minutes. this way you learn your job from beginning to end and it is like surfing. you get on the wave and go all the way --

>> ebb and flow, yeah.

>> it is so terrific to see you here. why have you not taken ayer off since 1968 ?

>> i'm trying to stay out of the way of the children.

>> you have three daughters?

>> three daughters and they're grown up and they have their lives. i have to, like, not interfere too much. if i was around all the time -- oh, there they are.

>> are any of them in the business?

>> one hanging on my shoulder in the pink that's catherine, she's an actress. the middle girl is studying alternative medicine , she's my youngest. my other daughter is a dancer and a potter and has grandchildren.

>> oh, my god, what a great life.

>> life is full for tyne. and everybody wants her.

>> i know.

>> first choice for everybody for everything.

>> tyne, thank you so much.

>> are you in a limited run? open for business?

>> everybody you know, it is a beautiful story.

>> we'll try to get there.

>> true american play. rare.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> great to see you.