TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

KLG: Who doesn’t want to marry Harry?

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about a new reality show called “I Wanna Marry Harry,” on which 12 women are tricked into thinking they’ll land a marriage with Prince Harry, who is impersonated by a look-alike. KLG concedes that most women would want to marry Harry, but advises that they should watch news about him so they can distinguish him from an imposter.

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>> hello, everybody. it is thirsty thursday, april 17th . we have got terrific show today,

>> we like it. we like it.

>> the emmy and tony winning actor tyne daly with us today. she's in a new broadway show . and actress chloe grace making her off broadway debut .

>> quite the little starlet too. big congratulations. today is a big day . it is my mom's birthday. can we say happy birthday -- happy birthday

>> that's a throwback. look at her hair. we decided to do a throwback picture. and in addition, that's where i got the hair. in addition, it is also alana's birthday, our executive producer's baby girl . we have big news in the tori spelling world.

>> yes. i haven't seen what we're about to see.

>> tori and her husband, they have -- they were separated for a bit and now trying it repair the relationship and doing it on a reality show called "true tori ".

>> he just got out of rehab for issues. and he confessed apparently to cheating on her with a 28-year-old woman last december.

>> just now starting to release some clips from this upcoming show when we wondered what it would be like because this is a really critical part of their marriage.

>> a raw time.

>> yeah.

>> take a look.

>> i just want to tell you something. it's a girl, and she's claiming that she had an affair with dean in toronto when he was there. the girl has come forward, put her name in the story, she's giving all the details about her two-day affair with your husband in toronto and it is going to come out next week. christmas.

>> yeah.

>> i'm just always so uncomfortable when, you know, when people don't take the time privately away to do your healing and that sort of thing, i like tori . you know that. i just feel bad for the family, but i -- you have to ask why are we -- why are they doing it? i wish they would given an answer for that. we'll try to help people. i know she's trying to save her marriage, i'm always all for trying to save the marriage, but i truly see cameras and i think that's the fastest way to ruin everything.

>> we talked about this, every time a camera shows up somewhere, everything changes.

>> it changes the whole dynamic.

>> it happened in the news division. i remember every time there would be a protest and signs were down on the ground and sitting there and they would watch us roll up and there would be chanting and screaming. the cameras show up, the dynamic changes. we'll be curious. they just started filming things. we'll be seeing more of that.

>> like real time too. that interview might have happened a week ago, it is pretty quick turn around for these things.

>> talk about things i love and you don't. okay. "the real housewives of atlanta." something happened in "the real housewives of atlanta." it can get wild. this is a big deal . there is an arrest warrant issued for portia . kenya -- they had one of those reunions. reunion shows. kenya and portia apparently had a run-in. kenya called the cops, 911.

>> i'm going to in a minute.

>> okay. and said she's been assaulted. all right. there is audio of -- no, not yet. there is audio of the 911 call.

>> i need a policeman.

>> portia williams.

>> portia williams? okay.

>> yes.

>> okay. so anyway, portia was mad because apparently kenya said something about her husband or ex-husband or something. anyway, there is apparently -- police are now charging portia with a count of battery. this is escalating to criminal activity. the most widely watched housewives franchise of all of them.

>> i have a hard time believing any of it is real, any of it.

>> she was booked and released. she was booked.

>> they were doing the reunion show, she never would have had the altercation to begin with.

>> you're right. let's watch the reunion show.

>> i said what i said.

>> when you said is [ bleep ].

>> you're a -- from the '90s.

>> you do not have the right to talk.

>> no, no, no, no.

>> when you get up on each other's chest, i would win. nbc reached out to bravo and, you know what, we --

>> we haven't heard from them.

>> no, we did.

>> i didn't want our record to be broken.

>> you know what they said? no comment.

>> i would rather they not call. unless you have a comment --

>> do not call us.

>> we could get andy on the phone. andy cohen , we have him on speed dial , actually.

>> we should.

>> he wants to come back and host with you, elvis. elvis. i did a radio show with him yesterday. elvis duran . he was saying, could you go it another funeral so i can come on and hang with hoda. so bad. he's so bad. i said everybody is nice and healthy, but he wanted me to say hello.

>> tell him hi for me.

>> this is something we are excited about. we cannot believe there are -- how many? 12 ladies. 12 women in the world who actually believe that the person that they are interacting with is harry -- prince harry of england fame.

>> a show called "i want to marry harry ".

>> who doesn't?

>> these girls joined this reality show . i thought the concept they were audition and they would meet him. they already met him.

>> they're in the hot tub with him. barbecues, swapping spit.

>> they think harry is next to them in the hot tub . it is unbelievable. all right, so we see harry every day in the news. anyway, here is a commercial. let's see. i want to see what he looks like.

>> they could win a royal fairy tale wedding and they believed us.

>> that's prince harry .

>> fri really hope i have what it takes to pull it off.

>> you won't believe how far we go to convince them.

>> it's real.

>> you're going to want to be there when he reveals the truth.

>> there is one more thing you should know.

>> "wanna marry harry".

>> i don't care.

>> it looks like him. if you're not studying him. he's tall, he's got the red hair . i don't know how -- look at the split.

>> it's close.

>> but not exactly.

>> do they ever watch the news to discover he was, like, in antarctica. he's not in a hot tub with you. he was in antarctica. but, no, no. some of them say, in fairness, well, i want to do this because even if i don't marry harry, it will be good for my acting career or my singing career or my --

>> okay.

>> time will tell.okay. is it okay or not okay to complain about beg too pretty?

>> oh, lord. here is what we had to say about it.

>> i think the benefits far outweigh the negatives. be grateful. plastic surgery is expensive, i know.

>> here's what i have to say. no, it's not okay. waa, waa.

>> wow.

>> stop whining.

>> wow.

>> here's the thing. when rob lowe says it in an article, what's missing again is tone. rob lowe is so self-deprecating.

>> i did something with him and the great actress eileen agagrenen and the kid was maybe 14 at the time, just so jaw droppingly gorgeous. and you can't -- it is not like he can't notice that, right?

>> right.

>> when he says something about his looks or something, he's being self-deprecating.

>> right.

>> and lighten up.

>> all right. we got to give a shoutout to our derby hat contest. we'll announce our kentucky derby hat contest once again. this was last year's winning hat. now, you can make your own hat. don't make one like carrie's. make your own. send photos of your original hat and creation for a chance to win a trip for two, round trip airfare, three nights in a hotel and you get to go to the kentucky derby , attend the derby events.

>> it is a lot of fun. you have until next thursday to submit your creations. for details, go to and press connect.

>> all right.