TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Could your kitchen pass a health inspection?

Think your home kitchen is up to par? Peter DeLucia of the Westchester County Department of Health presents some common (and uncommon) health risks in the kitchen, and offers some tips to help maintain a healthy cooking area.

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>>> done this, you need ice to cool down your drink, you reach into your freezer, you grab it with your bare hands. we all do, right?

>> we all do. 60% admitted to doing that. i'm right there with you. it turns out the ice grab can be sketchy for your health helping us to figure out if your kirch would pass the inspection, peter delucia here in new york. good to see you.

>> let's talk about it. i do this, you reach in, you want ice water , lemonade, iced tea , whatever it is. you reach in.

>> what's the concern there? the concern there, people can get ice, ice isn't going to carry bacteria or germs it's frozen, but it does. it's frozen. whatever is transferring on your hands the big transference of bacteria is right into your ice. you out it in your drink and that's floating around in there. we've had hepatitis a outbreaks in restaurants. this is a red violation if you're putting your hands in the ice. you need to use an ice scoop or 0 glov gloved hands. i don't want you to be a germophobe, make sure you clean that on a regular basis. if you're going to take that from inside your refrigerator, leave a scoop or handle in there. just a scoop, you can make your friends or possibly your family sick.

>> we've got a quiz here.

>> that was question one, how often do you or do you watch your citrus fruits , limes, lemons?

>> no, i watch apples.

>> i know i'm supposed to but i think i also --

>> great point about the apple. typically, you take an apple, you're going to bite right into it.

>> right.

>> lemons, limes, oranges, you are don't think about washing them. from when they're harvested, to the time they get to your kitchen. think how many hands have touched them. and the nooks and crannies on them, you really want to make sure you give them a good washing. you want to wash them. get a scrub brush, scrub them off. and cantaloupes have that net-like skin, we had a listeria outbreak with that. give them a good cleaning, too. lemons and limes, you toss them in your drinks.

>> yeah.

>> you're making a bacteria brew. number three, do you have a dish towel by your sink?

>> yes.

>> it's going to be one of the defendantie dirtiest things. you're making chicken cutlet you've got a little egg mixture and the salmonella on your wipe board. now you're cleaning it with your hands. you dry your hands with that towel.

>> one more quick one.

>> all right. how often do you clean your kitchen floor and what condition is it in? do you have grout, tile floor.

>> tile floor. you want to keep that floor nice and clean. think how much you track in on it. your kids walk on it, keep it clean.

>>> we have fantastic guests today. tine daly on broadway.

>> and a makeover. really terrific