TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Try this twist on traditional Easter egg hunts

Blogger Meredith Sinclair presents some family-fun ideas for Easter activities, including a hop-stacle course and a twist on traditional egg hunting: a scavenger hunt.

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>>> all right. every cousin twice removed is coming to your house for easter. you may be stressed how to keep everyone entertained. especially the kids. we've got you covered with fun indoor and outdoor activities for kids of all ages. meredith sinclair is contributor for ttpm. and we've got to keep them entertained. what do you got here?

>> once the fun is over and that sugar has kicked in. we've created a hopacle course. everyone through the bubble wall and down they go. it gets everyone active and running around. right after you've eaten all of that.

>> this is great.

>> okay. guys. next thing. coloring the eggs, right. some fun ways, creative ways to color eggs that aren't traditional way. the first thing you have, use kool-aid.

>> i've already about this. and you don't need vinegar because the citric acid in the kool-aid works. it's fun. you don't have to worry abstaining the hands. it will come off. this is probably my new favorite way to color eggs. you take the shaving cream. foil, make the egg candy, and plop it right into the color. take the egg. right in. drop it in. let it sit for a moment. then when you take it out, it makes these beautiful watercolors.

>> oh. kids love playing that.

>> that's great.

>> okay. over here, we have two other kids.

>> instead just everybody's individual baskets filled with candy, the fun way to get them outside is to create an obstacle.

>> we've created a scavenger hunt . in your home, your apartment complex, we've taken this radio flyer and made it into an easter basket . all of these outside toys from nerf and look at this.

>> natalie pointed out she had eggs in her backyard and all the animals ate them.

>> yeah.

>> let's come over here to our crowd here.

>> so, this is super fun. a craft that's so easy using all of those plastic eggs that you have.

>> yeah.

>> ways of creating little characters. the favorite characters. the minion squad. that's great. you can see we use crafts you probably already have.

>> okay. when you're --

>> okay. one of my go-to crafts is paper. because they make these kids that are so easy. if you're not big at that, use the grun masks and paper dolls . and the last thing at the very end of the table, sort of new trend in jewelry. so we're stringing beads together and making jelly beans . all you need is elastic thread.

>> these are cool, because it's age appropriate . this will keep