TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Heather Graham: ‘I’m kind of high-strung’

The actress drops by TODAY to talk about her role on Showtime’s “Californication,” now entering its final season, and discusses how transcendental meditation helps her keep “centered” when stress enters her life.

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>>> heather graham has appeared in more than 82 tv shows and films like "boogie nights."

>> and now californication is in its seventh season alongside david duchovny . and her character is full of surprises. it's a tough one because you can't giveaway what your hole is yet. that's coming this weekend. tell us, joining the cast here, seventh season, what it's like?

>> it's great. david's so funny. the creator is amazing. i had a great time. the first episode, they reveal that david has a son he's never known about. so i'm in the next episode.

>> oh. a little tease.

>> a tease.

>> for people who are catching on, maybe not watching, they've heard about the show, a little background about the show.

>> basically, david duchovny has a lot of sex with a lot of people. he has this wonderful side. there you are.

>> there you are.

>> there you are.

>> and in addition, of course, to being an amazing actress. you're busy on twitter. i think your profile said actress and big nerd. what does that mean?

>> yeah.

>> first of all, i can't keep my eyes off this outfit.

>> i'm wearing a cape. it's kind of fun.

>> just leave it up in there the dressing room. tell me what big nerd means?

>> when i was in elementary school . i had braces. and over the neck. it was like a rubber band . and it's like a wire thing that goes out of your mouth and around the back. right. that's nerdy, right?

>> what was that for, though?

>> i had to wear it to school.

>> now, you have neck gear and you've kept the title you've been named a bazillion times the sexiest would on the planet.

>> i think when you grow up how you see yourself as a teenager or kid you always feel that way about yourself. even though it's cool that people might see you this other way, you know inside you're a big nerd.

>> we have a picture of you -- we want that up immediately -- i heard now, with twitter, you announced you got funding from a film that's all you. writing and direction action.

>> yeah, i'm so excited. as a woman in the business here, sometimes, you feel like you want to say something. and there's not a lot of shows written by women or movies by women. it's fun to get to write something. hopefully, we'll be shooting this summer.

>> it's a girl's movie, right?

>> yeah.

>> it's about the city --

>> yeah.

>> out it's about the woman having a lot sex, not the man --

>> no!

>> and you're into transendental meditation.

>> you've been doing it. i actually worked with david lynch on "twin peeks" a while ago. it really calms you down. it helps you find that peaceful place inside of yourself, when you're life is crazy it reminds you to be centered.

>> i heard people say it's totally changed them.

>> and it gives you great balance.

>> i follow the path of light. we'll talk about it after the show.

>> yes.

>> can i ask you a question about the cambodia children project.

>> thank you for asking me. yeah, i work for this charity called the cambodian children's fund. my friend quit his job, sold everything. moved to cambodia . started this school for kids working in a garbage dump. cambodia , everyone is so poor there. the kids have to work at age 5. it's very disturbing. he gives the families a little bit of money to keep their kids in school. he's rehabilitating the whole community. he's got free medical care . free heeducation. ever since he's been there, no woman has died in child birth . i've been there three times. you can go online, you can e-mail them. it's incredible.

>> that 's wonderful .

>> you turned out, thank you.

>> thank you.

>> you can catch the final season of "californication" on showtime. sunday night.