TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Study: Women read the book, men see the film

A new survey indicates that men prefer the movie adaptations of books, while women often like the novels more than their film versions.

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>>> question for you -- do you think that's true?

>> i do think it's true. some live up to the adaptation. it's hard to capture that in a two-hour movie. a new study says 75% of men would rather watch the movie than read the book, of course. but women prefer the book. it was a british survey on april 23rd . the film diversion of "the da vinci code " some say didn't live up to the hype of the book. on the other hand some people say " bridget jones diary " met the standard of the book.

>> i agree with that.

>> you do?

>> yes.

>> i would the " harry potter " series has definitely lived up to the books. the movies have been fantastic. the books are as good as the movies as well. pretty incredible. i think "the hunger games" as well.

>> i went with "to kill a mockingbird. that is a classic. gregory peck .

>> here's the problem, i haven't seen a lot of movies often. so my favorite book of all times "the scarlet letter " and the movie is the like the one i saw. and it's terrible.

>> and "mrs. doubted idoubtfire. ."

>> i've never seen ghost busters . i'm going to make a film bucket list when i'm in the nursing home and no one's visiting me --

>> right.

>> my favorite book of all times and the movie was really rough. "the scarlet letter ."

>> in a good way?

>> " harry potter ."

>> i think " harry potter " and "the hunger games" not talking classics.

>> yeah.

>> i was trying to think of classics. there's been so many. i always love reading the books first.

>> yeah.

>> and then just going to the movies anyway.

>> like mystery?

>> something different. i just finished "divergent" and i loved the book.

>> and "the godfather."

>> oh, yeah.

>> amazing.

>> go to orange room . #orangeroom let us know your films, books, adaptations.

>> dylan, you got one?

>> i was going say "the godfather." i saw the movies then i read the book.

>> what's going on with the