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Quit sugar forever with these great recipes

Australian chef Sarah Wilson talks about breaking addiction to sugar and presents a few sugarless recipes, including raspberry ripple and crunch-nut cheesecake.

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>>> find yourself reaching for one sweet treat like a cookie, and then suddenly you've eaten the entire box? has somebody been watching me. sarah wilson found sugar to be addictive and cut it out of her diet in 2011 . now with the book "i quit sugar ." good to have you here on "today."

>> thank you.

>> why did you quit the sugar ?

>> i was feeling foggy in the ahead. i was seriously addicted to sugar . eating the healthy sugar , honey in tea, granola and bananas but i was seriously addicted.

>> how do you know you're addicted?

>> because you're putting all of that in your coffee?

>> and because of the sugar . when you're terrified about the idea of not eating it, then you know it.

>> what's the detox?

>> it is tough. studies are showing it's more addictive than cocaine and heroin. so it can be tough. which is why i put together an eight-week program.

>> what do you feel about?

>> i've got a clear head. i can get through the day without a slump. but i'm still eating.

>> what are we making?

>> we're making a chocolate treat. i'm going to give you something if you can talk and do something at the same time.

>> i can do that barely. is there a sugar substitute in these recipes?

>> we do. the difference between that and sugar it contains fructose, fructose is the harmful part. we're going to put that in there now. what you see is butter and coconut oil . you're a pretty trim guy. say you were having issues with losing weight, coconut oil is your friend. it's fantastic for sugar cravings but it's also really good for speeding up the metabolism.

>> so brown sugar ?

>> i'll explain that in my book. you can use regular cocoa. what i'm doing while you're stirring that, i'm going to get berries here. just frozen berries you can get from the supermarket. around about a third of a cup.

>> do you have a preference of frozen versus fresh?

>> i like frozen, because it actually keeps them together. they're really easy to buy. we just put a few of them on the plate.

>> in case want to see the raspberries up close, we have a gopro. there you go.

>> and then coconut on here. just shredded coconut as well. what i'm going to get you to do is pour this on here. you don't have to be too precise.

>> okay.

>> how's that?

>> beautiful. we put that in the fridge or freezer for about 15 minutes . hardens. and then --

>> you make like a bark --

>> we make a bark.

>> no sugar ?

>> no sugar .

>> now, some people have made some really fantastic easter eggs as well. this idea, a great easter treat. anyone who is willing to come out with a sugar -free easter egg for somebody, this is the way to go. you can make that. it's fantastic.

>> what's next?

>> around here, we are making a sugar -free cheesecake. so we've made a base in advance. it's essentially nuts, coconut and some butter as well as some almond meal . so it's no sugar . over here, we've got cream cheese . now, i make my own cream cheese . it's really nutritious. it's full of enzymes. it's like a probiotic yogurt. you can also use philadelphia cream cheese from the supermarket. and then i put it here.

>> just easy to find?

>> really easy to find in the supermarkets in the baking aisle. where you find your baking goods. we've got coconut cream . you can use coconut oil as well which is easier to find. and a little bit of yogurt.

>> let's get this done. i'm not sure how.

>> around we'll just blend it.

>> i'm not really handy in the kitchen. we were wonderful if you'd be able to eat to successfully eat sweats sans sugar , sarah, but you proved it's possible.

>> it is. in the fridge, voila -- you've got sugar -free cheesecake.

>> nice to have you today "i quit sugar " you can find the recipes and more,, the website. what do you think, cheesecake, no sugar .

>> ooh.

>> how are you doing?

>> it's a winner.

>> my vote

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