TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Edie Falco: ‘Nurse Jackie’ is not a comedy

The former star of “The Sopranos,” who now plays the title role in Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie,” now returning for a sixth season, says she doesn’t agree with the widely-held categorization of the show as a dark comedy, saying “it has a lot of funny stuff in it, but it’s got a lot of unfunny stuff in it.”

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>>> we are back at 8:45. we've got golden globe and emmy winner edie falco . she became a household name playing tony's wife on the hbo series "the sopranos." and now she shows up a pill-popping nurse jackie .

>> the day of my one year anniversary, they got me a nice cake. i took a pill.

>> ooh! my first relapse i went on a three-month bender. it was so much work.

>> all the hiding trying to catch the next high.

>> oh, explaining to my husband where the money went.

>> trying to cover the high, instead of just relaxing into it.

>> that was the worst.

>> edie falco , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> i'm so expressed. nurse jackie is back off the wagon.

>> what are you going to do?

>> i want her to be on the straight and narrow . i want her to be happy.

>> i know, those aren't necessarily the same thing. i think we're trying to accurately pour traaccurate ly portray the drama of trying to get clean.

>> relaxing is part of the recovery.

>> not for everyone, but many people, it is.

>> you've talked a lot about how you relate in some ways to this character because of a past addiction. past struggles with that.

>> uh-huh.

>> i'm sure it helps the performance but is it hard to revisit those hard places?

>> you know, i've been asked that. and it's not. i don't know why. first of all, it's very far away from me. but the truth is, every time i have to do a scene that involves that stuff, it makes me even more committed or more strongly, you know, inside of my sobriety mode. you know, being off the stuff. it's a ways away from me.

>> "nurse jackie " of course say comedy. a cashing comedy. i love that you kind of give your showtime bosses a hard time saying it's not a comedy.

>> i'm going get fired before this broadcast is through. it's a lot of funny stuff in. it has to be categorized so i stay out of it.

>> exactly. obviously, we know you for nurse jackie and carmela soprano . i was thinking about your career. you were a struggling actress for years and now these iconic back-to-back roles. do you ever think back to those days and kind of pinch yourself now?

>> i do all the time. i'd waiting, all the time, saying this is your life, falco. i have to go to a restaurant today, i don't have to clean up and marry ketchup bottles.

>> i was going to ask you on the flip side is there anything you miss from those days, romance about the early days of struggle?

>> there's a little bit. not the struggle part. being anonymous in new york. you know, you sort of build up a tough kind of -- not that i don't want to be nice. i was less concerned about not appearing not nice.

>> and more relaxing.

>> you go about your day in new york, you kind of muscle your way through. i'm just a little more self-aware now because if i'm recognized i don't want to appear to be the jerk that i sometimes feel i am. i'm not saying anything else today.

>> do you miss anything about carmela beyond the long nails and the hair?

>> i miss being a part of that family, casting crew alike. we were together a long time. it's a strange business when the show ends