TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Hot deals for Mother’s Day gifts

TODAY contributor Jill Martin presents a special edition of “Jill’s Steals and Deals” for Mother’s Day, featuring Mary Margrill necklaces and roses from 1-800 Flowers.

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>>> well, we're back with a special mother 's day edition of jill 's steals and deals. here to walk through the bargains, jill martin, editor and contributor to "people" and "style."

>> this is very exciting a special mother 's day edition. everything will arrive in time for mother 's day. do we have a mommy as here? very exciting. the flowers, red hot mama for arrangements. you get two dozen red roses ships overnight, totally fresh with a vase. deal 27.99. 55 off.

>> great deal. and they're real.

>> totally. shipped overnight. so they'll be fresh.

>> okay.

>> this is a beautiful gift. marquise by waterford vase. sparkling crystal vase. it's great for entertaining if you're having a mother 's day party or any party.

>> or giant cocktail for dads. how much?

>> the retail, 100. the deal, 27.99. this is the first time doing this together.

>> it is. that is a heck of a deal. under 30 bucks for waterford , not bad.

>> necklaces, these are beautiful, retail, 225 to. and these are the phrases, love, believe, happiness, faith, with a white sapphire stone you can see right above the saying. celebs include jennifer aniston , penelope cruz . the deal, 49.90. we day version of these ones and they blew out. if you want, go on right now.

>> what's next?

>> all the women, all the led of the "today" show, moms, nieces, everything. you see beautiful stationery sets. five color themes. printsed on white or ivory. heavy stock. 50 cards and envelopes. the retail 125. the deal 37.50. that's 70 off. this is a great gift not just mother 's day but for anyone.

>> moms can write thank you notes.

>> i'm tripping.

>> that's okay, stop tripping, jill .

>> this is major. the retail, 96. for bathrobes, 100 organic cotton. comes in a variety of colors. available in small, medium, large or extra large. the retail, 96. the deal, $29. that's 70% off.

>> that's a great deal.

>> who's a mom here?

>> moms, raise your hand if you're a mom.

>> we are giving away to the moms in the plaza for being so fabulous, everyone gets a robe.

>> you get a robe. you get a robe. and you get a robe!

>> happy mother 's day!

>> that's nice.

>> happy mother 's day.

>> perhaps the best deal of coming to the plaza for jill 's steals and deals.

>> it's freezing, put them on now.

>> let's review the projects. flowers, vases from waterford , necklaces from mary margrill, and stationery and the robes. questions about it, head to the steals and deals page at thank you, jill .