TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Wendy Williams on turning 50: ‘I feel fabulous’

The popular talk show host, sometimes known as the “Queen of all media,” talks to TODAY’s Carson Daly about her show, her upcoming romance novel “Hold me in Contempt,” and approaching age 50 with a positive attitude.

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>>> meantime when it comes to speaking your mind, wendy williams has that market cornered. and she's going to tell us about her new project. and wendy's daytime talk show .

>> how you doin'? not good until somebody brings me my rings. my need my flower rings, oh, my gosh, this messy show. messy is good, right? beyonce's baby brother may be home. that's messy. selena gomez fired her parents, that's messy. and nene washingtoned off the set on " dancing with the stars ." that's messy, too. it's time for "hot topics."

>> say it like you mean it, wendy williams is here. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i can't believe you and i have met and spent time.

>> and meet you from trl and now.

>> you've got a steamy romance novel , and we're going to get to that. how do you continue to look so great. you've got a big birthday coming up?

>> the big 5 -0 in july.

>> how do you feel?

>> i feel wonderful. two ways you you celebrate 50, either depressed or share it with the world. girls at 25 look at the world, oh, we look like we do 25.

>> have you been working out?

>> yes, i lost about 30 pounds. it took two years.

>> how?

>> nothing special. just cutting back. one piece of cheese instead of five.

>> your show is fantastic. it's been renewed for another three years from now. congratulations on that.

>> yes, we're in the fifth season. thank you.

>> the romance novel . you've written books before but nothing like this.

>> this is my seventh. it's a novel. we come from radios, theater, the mind, i enjoy painting a picture, sharing a story being descriptive and flowery with my language. kimberly kind is supply main character . she's an assistant district attorney here in new york. he's she's addicted to pills and she loves booze. not just any booze, but jamison. her mother is a crack head but out there, her father say drunk and her brother is addicted to sex. she's having an affair with her boss. she lives in manhattan --

>> too bad there's no --

>> she falls in love with aim criminal but a hot criminal.

>> and that's king.

>> king is a cross between justin timberlake and david beckham .

>> there we go, is that king?

>> king, mm.

>> what's the relationship between kim and king? "fifty shades of grey."

>> hot steamy sex. she's a pill popper. she gives her her career for him in four months. dumbbell. but the sex scenes are good. i'm hoping if people buy this book, they lose themselves in it.

>> you're in the news for your comments in your experience in " dancing with the stars ."

>> season 12.

>> what's what the issue for you?

>> there was no issue, except that, you know what, when they put you in the room and you have to talk to the camera about your experience, the one-on-one with the camera --

>> that professional.

>> yes, i was letting people know they script you what to say, i would look at my partner tony doand say, i didn't say this.

>> "hold me in contempt" wendy