TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Lorde finally meets inspiration for song ‘Royals’

The young pop sensation Lorde finally got to meet the baseball player who served as her inspiration for her hit single “Royals.” She and George Brett, a Kansas City Royals icon, finally met in person earlier this week in Las Vegas.

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>> you guys know the song "royals."

>> yeah.

>> well, it is the breakdown from the new zealand singer lorde . because of the title, everyone assumed it was about these folks. but as it turns out, i love this story, her initial inspiration was this guy. you know who that is? the great george brett , hall of fame baseball player. lorde said she spotted a photo of him with the royals. she thought it would be cool. lorde has been trying to meet him even receiving a signed jersey. tuesday, what happened -- they got a chance to meet. major league baseball tweeting this photo telling lorde she is finally a royal.

>> they play that song so much on the radio. i wonder if george heard it and thought it was about the kansas city royals .

>> he didn't.

>> that makes it even more cool. i was like getting tired of it because they play it so much. now i can hear it all the time. i love it.