TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Yahoo exec gets $58 million for 15 months work

After little more than a year at the tech giant, former chief operating officer Henrique de Castro will leave Yahoo with a $58 million severance package.

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>>> about this, a company hires you, a lot of fanfare. you kind of don't do so well. things turn sour. 15 months on the job you get a severance package worth nearly $58 million. yes! after 15 months' of work. this actually happened at yahoo!. the company's chief marissa mayer hired him. he was let go from the company. he got a massive payday. most of the costs come from luring de castro away from a company. we reached tout yahoo! they had no comment. just to be clear, it's unclear why he left the company.

>> but you have to really like somebody to pay that kind of money to make the split.

>> yes.

>> $58 million.

>> it's not a good example of fiscal responsibility for the company either.

>> if you have to pay $58 million, isn't there some other job --