TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Senator recreates hearing for campaign ad, takes heat

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is being criticized for re-creating a contentious Senate hearing for use in her upcoming election advertising campaigns.

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>>> louisiana senator mary landrieu is in the middle of a tough re- election campaign . and her first ad is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. it show the defiant land drew standing up during a senate hearing. there's just one problem, the ad doesn't use the actual footage from that senate hearing. land drew staged a re-do of the meeting re-enacting the remarks for the campaign. here's the ad, take a look.

>> when you were cheated out of oil royalties.

>> you might have to sit here and listen to the federal government say we can't share a penny with you. i will not rest until this injustices is fixed.

>> well, for the ad, as you noticed there landry changed her appearance, even fixed the line that she apparently flubbed. landreu said.

>> i'll say this, the lighting is better than in the hearing room.

>> yeah, the jacket was even