TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

New scan technology may let you pay with your hand

NBC’s Keir Simmons reports on new technology being developed at Lund University in Sweden that let you pay for items with a simple scan of your palm print. The scan is reportedly being used in 15 Swedish stores.

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>>> new way to spend your hard-earned money and no wallet required. nbc's keir simmons is in london with more on this sorry. keir, good morning.

>> good morning, savannah. you're in line at the grocery store just trying to by something simple as breakfast cereal or cheese your your lunch and in front of you is someone using a credit card and taking an eternity. new customers are using a system where you can buy anything by putting your hand on a machine and the whole thing is paid for.

>> reporter: who doesn't love shopping? clothes, shoes, that new car. then again, it's not all fun. there's the everyday things. like your coffee and your milk. think about how much time you spend just shopping. then there are the manly stores where you can buy things you never use like power tools . whatever you buy, at the end of it, isn't always a cash register . for as long as anyone could remember, you'd pay for goods like this with cash or maybe write a check. then, of course, can begin to use credit cards . but now -- i'll have one of those please -- you can pay for this kind of stuff with the palm of your hand. actually, it's the veins in your hand. the latest technology reads your unique palm print developed at lund university in sweden and already being used there in 15 stores.

>> i think it's really good. it's easy when i don't have my wallet with me. i can use my hand. so it's really fast and easy.

>> reporter: you type in the last four digits of your phone number and then place your hand on a bio metric reader preventing fraud. the plan is to take the technology around the world.

>> can i pay with this?

>> no.

>> reporter: but they're not there yet. only credit cards . so for now, you'll just have to wait. for your credit card to work. now, i remember why i don't love shopping. i think like most guys, you know, to be honest, savannah, i'm one of those guys who likes to get in the store, get what i need and get out. i like this. i also like, by the way, when you get to the cash register and they ask for your money, you get to say "just talk to the hand ."

>> back to your breakfast, keir, i get cereal and the milk how do the cheese slices fit in?

>> snack time.

>> interesting idea. you guys like it?

>> i think it's great. i don't have to carry a purse around.

>> fantastic.

>> my kids are going to be scanning my hand while i'm sleeping one day.

>> what would matt lauer say if he were here?