TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel in works

The 1993 comedy starring Robin Williams in drag is set to get a sequel, with Williams and director Chris Columbus to return. TODAY’s Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>> hey, billy crystal was on tomorrow.

>>> all right. who doesn't love mrs. doubtfire ? well, guess what. tamron, i'll let you say the news.

>> speaking of " dude looks like a lady " the word overnight "mrs. doubtfire the sequel" will be remade. and "mrs. doubtfire " ruled the box office number one for several weeks. 1993 , robin williams was on the "today" show with gene shalit . take a look.

>> then we get into -- it came margaret hamilton . you're into prosthetics, too. i'm melting! the lights are high. then we put a chin on it, it was margaret thatcher , all of a sudden, i wish you well. and then we put on a full-face and slowly the wig and the body suit. and the stockings and it got to be almost a little bit like bon appetit ! and there she was.

>> won two golden globes and an oscar for the makeup. it's "throwback thursday" what movie would you like to see a sequel. the movie i'd like to see is " flash dance ." by the way, i've never seen "mrs. doubtfire ."