TODAY   |  April 17, 2014

Biden joins Instagram, takes selfie with Obama

The vice president has joined the photo-sharing social network Instagram, posting an image of his aviator sunglasses as well as a selfie with President Obama.

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>> tamron is here. a selfie is getting attention.

>> it is. overnight, somebody was creating a firestorm on twitter. yesterday, dr. jill biden was in the orange room . apparently she motivated her husband, the vice president, to take to instagram. so what did vice president joe biden send out via instagram on his first shot. there it is. his ray-ban, the caption. the vice president and the occasional aviators will be posted. so this is actually not from the v.p. his actual first shot at instagram -- a selfie with the president of the united states . pretty cool. in less than 24 hours , 47,000 people now following biden on instagram. but the kings and queens of instagram, justin bieber, 15 million. kim kardashian , 13 million. and rihanna 12 million. savannah, beautiful flowers. carson, and dylan keeping it role with the "today" show. there i am in london. so i have taken over our instagram account. and i'm shooting behind-the-scenes pictures for the instagram account of the "today" show. i know i'm out of time but --

>> in the dressing room --

>> to everyone's dressing room --

>> i got to clean.