TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

How to dress like Rashida Jones without spending a ton

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows how you can dress like celebrities for less money, as well as shares the tips and secrets she uses to find these great spring outfits.

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>>> time for "today's style watch" and on you to dress like one of hollywood's trendiest celebrities without breaking the bank.

>> editor, author and birthday girl this week, jill martin is doing things differently. she's not only going to show us the lower-priced look but how you can find it.

>> i love this.

>> happy birthday, sweetheart. we always do the celebrity looks for less. people are like wow! how did you find it? we should let's show the way this happens. with "style watch," this is the thing. but there's a whole panel. publicists write in. there's easy ways to find it. how can you find it at home? these are new ways.

>> miranda is the first celeb. and we have lauren who is modeling the outfit.

>> that door very heavy. come on, lauren .

>> come on in!

>> lauren 's coming out. let me tell you about the picture. she's in a michael kors dress that cost nearly $2,500. her whole outfit is thousands and thousands of dollars. lauren is wearing an outfit under $200.

>> together.

>> everything together. the dress is gap. $59.95. the jacket, macy's, $99. the sunglasses, which i always lose, many of us do, $5.99 from h&m. let me tell you about an app, hopefully this is going to work. you log on, you register. it's totally free. you put in the style you like, and you pick a stylist that works for you. an actual stylist. so i picked colin mcgaro. i felt like we would really mesh. i wrote to colin and said i was hoping you could help me. i love miranda's look. nothing more than $100. i uploaded the photo i took with my phone. he writes back up to five messages and tells me how i can find the look. here's the dress. all different options.

>> that's great.

>> all different options.

>> i wrote "ooh, i love these. keep going." all different options. and so you get this from a real stylist. and you can continue on.

>> that's great. that's great.

>> is that app.

>> tanks. who's next?

>> rashida jones .

>> rashida.

>> let me tell up --

>> phoebe, right?

>> while jill goes crazy.

>> here it is.

>> oh, you look adorable.

>> i love that.

>> she looks just like rashida jones . just the skirt on her, over $2,000, okay? our whole outfit, again, under $200. the sweater, bowden usa, $54. skirt, $60. motel rocks. the shoes from shoedazzle, $49.95. now, shoesdazzle, they constantly have celebrity-looking shoes. that's my first tip. if you want to go on and find shoes that look fabulous and designer. but then there's this app called the hunt. so this is rashida jones . now, this is a community-based sort of website and app. so you put the picture up, and you say hey, everyone. i want to find the skirt. i want to find the purse.

>> suits everyone.

>> everyone, all of us. the community. not professional stylists. everybody. and they will put up a hashtag, rashida jones , new jessica simpson . people go on.

>> people love that. they love to be in the know.

>> all different price points. the hunt, notorious. these are ways you can get the celebrity looks for less.

>> thank you, jill .

>> good job. thank you very much. she's going on vacation. have a great time.

>>> back on broadway and back to sing for us.

>> a performance by tony winner billy porter. first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> i love the way you