TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Egg-cellent Easter baskets for baby

With the help of a surprise guest (with big ears),’s Lori Richmond offers TODAY viewers some tips on creating Easter baskets for the young children in your life.

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>>> with just four days until easter, a lot of you might run out to the store last-minute to grab candy.

>> but instead of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, why not get a little bit creative? lori richmond is the editor of she has brought along some friends. good morning.

>> good morning, great to see you.

>> time to get ready. you've got baskets for everyone.

>> lots of great ideas. you don't need a lot of time or money. first is one for the new baby, which willie, i know your family is waiting for right now.

>> yes, ma'am.

>> this is a great idea for a grandmother or aunt that wants to put something together. perfect for a baby. what we did was line the basket with just a regular baby blanket. and then went to the craft store and got these iron-on letters. they're only $5. monogram the front, give it a nice personalized touch. added some basics like little socks, pacifier, a hooded towel with a bunny theme. we added some homemade bunny food. so moms on the bump love to make their own baby food . baby's easter dinner is ready to go.

>> going to swipe this on the way out.

>> put some stickers on the eggs and you're done.

>> molly and marisa playing over there as well. this is one for a toddler.

>> the animal themed bath toys. bath time crayons. we did this speckled egg effect. how you do this is you just take a sponge, you can use even a kitchen sponge. dab off the excess paint and dab the front of the egg and you get this really nice effect. you can go around the whole egg.

>> is that just regular paint?

>> it's just regular color paint.

>> i love that. let's move to our pales. this is reusable. it's not just about baskets.

>> it's a toy theme. we didn't use a basket. these pales they can use at the beach or in the backyard all summer long. all the toys in here we just got from the dollar store . or, you know, the $5 discount bin in the back of the toy store , you dig around, you find some good stuff. you can theme it to bhafr yowhatever your child likes. add some candy and you're done.

>> how about for an artistic kid. i think this would go big with my daughter.

>> yes, this is great because we have all the basic art supplies for little picasso. crayons, paints, some really colorful candy, like skittles or these candy buttons that look like a little paint palette. how we did these is melting the crayon on to the egg. use a pair of tongs, put it right back in the carton and draw on the egg with the crayon and it actually melts the wax on to the egg and creates this really cool effect that's perfect for the art theme.

>> amazing. and over here for our little sports fan.

>> exactly. an athlete. lots of sports themed toys and candy. a classic, right?

>> look at these football eggs.

>> we'll get it for you after, willie. this is really fun to do. all you have to do is cover the egg with brown paint and then you can add some detailing with white paint to put on the laces and the stripes. it's really easy.

>> love that.

>> glitter time. my favorite time of the day.

>> for the girly girl , lots of bling, lots of glitter. so this we just used some food containers from the craft store for a dollar. put some mini makeup items from the drugstore. candy necklaces and these glitter eggs. you just need some regular elmer's glue and brush it around the entire egg and put it in a bowl of glitter and they look great.

>> we've got some little kids over here.

>> some easter crafts.

>> hi, guys. what's happening?

>> are you all ready for easter bunny ?

>> yeah.

>> yes?

>> we have a little surprise. i think someone is here.

>> mr. bunny. oh, mr. easter bunny .

>> oh, my goodness.

>> here he is.

>> look, guys. the easter bunny . hi, easter bunny . come say hello.

>> he's coming a couple of days early.